Midtown Gets Screwed Again on Free Häagen-Dazs Day

Blondie and Brownie have a list of all the NYC locations participating in today’s Häagen-Dazs free honey bee scoop day from 4 to 8 pm, and once again Midtown gets screwed (thank you Riese!) The Penn Station location didn’t answer their phone, but they participated last year, so you can take your chances. Good luck freeloaders.


  • there’s a haagen-dazs in the soupman location at the corner of 42nd and 5th that’s participating.

  • Ditto the above except Soupman/Haagen Daaz down on Pearl Street that appears to be participating (went in a few days ago and they had flyers everywhere, but the location is not listed on B&B’s comprehensive list)

  • went all the way to montague street for mine. vanilla honey bee. it was half melted but good. kid size

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