NYC Cravings Truck Shooting For Midtown Today

I guess all you have to do is ask! NYC Cravings, the new Chinese fried chicken and dumplings truck that Food in Mouth wrote about last week, is going to try and come to Midtown for lunch today. They are looking to park on 45th & 6th… but as we all know new trucks have trouble parking their first time in Midtown, so we’ll see what happens. Want to be the first to know where they end up? You can follow them on twitter.

Confirmed @10:57 AM via Twitter: “First time in midtown. We’re on 46th 45th  st near 6th ave. Look for the pale yellow. :D” (Sorry, they twittered it wrong!)


  • Anyone know if Green Room Cafe is still 50% off today?

  • Holy crap! I just emailed them this morning and pointed them to your website and said midtown needed some love. What a coincidence!

  • I steadfastly refuse to be a twatter.

  • There on 46th & 6th.

  • From their twitter: “First time in midtown. We’re on 46th st near 6th ave. Look for the pale yellow. :D”

  • They were also in Brooklyn over the weekend on 7th avenue, nearish to 1st street but I don’t remember exactly where. They were giving out styrofoam cups with samples of the fried chicken pork saucy goodness. It was really good, and also had some cabbage or pickled vegetables in their that gave it some sour/bitter crunch.

  • Just got back from the NYC Cravings truck with chicken and rice. Dumplings were not ready at 11:40am but did not matter since there are no pork dumplings today. Chicken is really good, special pork sauce is great, love the greens.

  • they’re actually on 45th and 6th…

  • Wow – i am impressed with my meal – chicken was crisp and tasty – rice cooked well – sauce was good, a little sweet and sour when mixed with the greens. Good portion size as well.

  • What does the meal consist of white meat/dark meat?

  • It’s a whole chicken leg, and that’s all they serve (there’s no white meat). When compared to Chinatown, I still like Excellent Pork Chop House’s chicken better. The one from NYC Cravings is not as heavily seasoned IMO. They were already out of pork dumplings when I went there at 12:15.

  • Got there at 12:30 and it was a 20 minute wait. The line was longer when I left.

  • When Excellent Pork Chop moves to midtown, I’ll care. In the meantime, whats with a 20 min wait for rikshaw dumpling trucks nasty expensive dumplings?

  • Totally worth the wait on the chicken. Might ask for extra pork sauce next time.

    I had one of the vegan dumplings and it was every bit as good as I’d expect a meatless dunmpling to be. Which is to say, not good at all.

  • Chicken was really good, as was the rice/pork sauce. There were only 20 chickens remaining when I got to the front and everyone else was sent away. For $6 this was a delicious lunch and a great bargain.

  • I got there @ 1:07 and there was one other person who had just joined the line of btw 10-12 ppl ahead of us .. unfortunately, a girl from the truck told us they had run out of chicken – damn!

    I hopped back on the D for one stop and got some yummy Ma Paul Tofu from Szechuan Gourmet :D

  • Food vendors have to account for the power of Midtown Lunch and increase their supplies by at least 50% when they are featured on the site!

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