KFC Suspends Free Chicken Promotion Just in Time to Save Mother’s Day

Overwhelmed by the response, and clearly terrified of the prospect of a chicken-less Mother’s Day (their busiest day of the year) KFC has suspended their free chicken promotion.  They are issuing “rain checks”, which is code for forcing you to jump through so many hoops you’ll just give up on the free chicken.  Of course that’s not going to happen… did they even see what people went through yesterday for their $4 worth of chicken?

To get this rain check, you must visit your local KFC, fill out a form, attach your coupon to it, and give it to the manager or mail it in. They’ll send you a new coupon, which will also include a free soda. Mother’s Day crisis averted!

They posted a video apology, which was sadly *not* recorded by Oprah- but by the CEO of the company. On a positive note, he’s sounds like he’s from New Zealand (and is giddy like a guy who hasn’t slept for a week) giving it a borderline Flight of the Concords feel. The video is after the jump…

New Zealand… Australia… Whatever. Throw a goatee on that guy and it might as well be Murray.


  • Got some free chicken yesterday, but in brooklyn with a minimal wait. I got to hand it to KFC on this one. They actually followed through. And the chicken was tasty.

    Still seems like an act of desperation to convince people that they are healthier somehow…

  • Rain checks…the cojones…

    Never thought I’d say this… but I hope PeTA takes them down

  • With crocodile dundee as their spokesman, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re actually substituting chicken with gator…not that gator is bad. And what’s the deal forcing down a “free pepsi?” It’s bad enough they’re forcing down the cole slaw and mashed as opposed to letting the customer choose the sides…..I guess it’s true that beggars can’t be choosers.

  • The Colonel never would have allowed this to happen if he was around…..

    And who put “colon” in Colonel anyway.
    Silly word: Colonel
    Where’s the “R” sound coming from? Doesn’t it sound like Kernel? Maybe the spokesman for a corn chain should be headed by a Colonel. Not a chicken chain. Just my opinion

  • I’m glad to hear that this is going well for them. They took a big risk with the “grilled” chicken. I’ve had it twice and it’s good.

  • Rain check? WTF!
    They totally suck $#&%.
    KFC is on my $#&% list with Wendy’s.
    Yay, less fast food in my diet. LOL.

  • How is Mother’s Day KFC’s busiest day of the year? My mother would beat me to death if I took her to KFC for Mother’s Day. And I’d die before I went to a restaurant that didn’t serve me booze so that I could cope with being forced to dine with her.

  • @Harry – I wouldn’t say this promo has gone well.

    Sure they are getting ppl into the stores … BUT

    1) coupon printing problems (that damn .exe file),
    2) difficulty get meals on Wednesday around midtown, and 3) average to lackluster taste of the product
    4) now this raincheck business

    Will KFC make money from the new grilled offerings? will this even be on the menu a year from now?

    I saw the jury is most definitely still out.

    p.s. anyone notice the tiny size of the grilled pieces compared to the other offerings?

  • 2) difficullty getting meals

    I say the jury

  • Hi Win,
    There’s more to this than the congesion in midtown KFC’s. My dad went to KFC two weeks ago on a Saturday. He said the line was 15 minutes long and they were running out of Chicken. KFC has promoted this heavily and people are showing up. I’m sure they are seeking a long term increase in sales. In theory, this should turn more people onto their food and away from Boston Market, Popeye’s, etc. Personally, I am an original recipe lover. So this is all static.

  • definitely south ehfrican. hilarious.

  • Oh damn! KFC is big on mothers day!!


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