Everything You Wanted to Know About Street Vendors in a Poster (The “Making of” Edition)

Remember the pamphlet/fold-out-poster the Street Vendor Project handed out to street vendors back in March?  (If you missed it we posted the PDF here.) It had a ton of factoids that any fan of street food would find pretty interesting (for example, did you know the average NYC vendor salary is $14,000 year, and Jerry Seinfeld and Jay-Z use to be NYC vendors?)  Well if you were as fascinated by the pamphlet/fold-out-poster as we were, Urban Ominibus has posted a comprehensive look at the making of the pamphlet, and the work that went into distributing it- plus a link to where you can get your own copy. I just ordered mine!


  • We all know that Jerry invented the umbrella twirl! (Not too fast, now….)

  • This should make a version that instructs tourists on how to navigate midtown without offending the locals.

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