Help a Street Vendor Out This Weekend

The Street Vendor Project, which organizes the annual Vendy Awards, has created a new pamphlet for street vendors and is looking for your help handing them out. This Saturday (March 28th) from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. they are organizing a city wide distribution extravaganza and are looking for volunteers to help hand out the newly illustrated, multi-language (Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese and English) pamphlet which explains the rights that every street vendor is entitled to, in an easy to understand way.  If you’re interested in participating, just come to the Street Vendor Project HQ (123 William St.) on Saturday morning, where they will be distributing the guides to volunteers before fanning out to the rest of the city to hand them out to working vendors.

If you can’t make it to lower Manhattan on Saturday morning, you can also pick up guides ahead of time and then distribute them in your neighborhood.  To RSVP, email And for more information on The Street Vendor Project, the Urban Justice League, or the Vendy Awards go to

Check out a sample of the pamphlet, and fold out poster, after the jump

Click on the images to see full PDF’s




  • I like how the policeman is smiling when asked for a badge number. A nightstick to the groin would be more realistic.

  • That pamphlet is mad racist, bro.

  • Some vendors in this city are great but they are outnumbered by the sleezy vendors clogging up streets and blowing clouds of burnt meat smoke. I hope this blog continues to focus on finding good food and not on “vendor’s rights”

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