Bruegger’s CEO Responds to Midtown Lunch’ers

You guys had a lot to say about the news that Bruegger’s bagels was planning on opening stores in Manhattan… and the CEO has responded in the comments: “I am the CEO of Bruegger’s and would like to respond. As for research, these comments confirmed our the work we did – Manhattanites are very opinionated about bagels. This is why we are not looking to displace your local favorites by entering neighborhood locations. (Though I am familiar with H&H and Ess-a-bagel and am not conceding that they are better.) As for our product we make our own fresh dough, boil and bake in each location in small batches so the bagels are fresh and hot. Our bagels have won “best of” awards year after year in cities across the country. We don’t believe bagels (or, for that matter, any food) should be “oversized”. We pride ourselves on offering healthy, wholesome food, in a warm, inviting atmospere with great guest service. And while we are known for our bagels we offer much more – sandwiches and paninis , hearty soups, fresh tossed salads, organic and fair trade coffee and desserts. Though we are new to Manhattan we have over 30 locations in New York State. We hope we will be as welcomed in Manhattan.”

When you guys speak, rich important people listen!


  • My dearest Fred:

    I have a PhD in psychology and am a licensed practitioner. I am more than qualified to make such an observation (though it is painfully obvious even to the untrained eye).

    Please refrain from questioning my credentials. It will only lead to painful public embarassment for you.

    Bruegger’s makes a superior product. Period.

  • Yes, we all know that you think Applebees makes a superior product, and that you think Olive Garden makes a superior product, and that you think all food from China or from carts of any kind is unfit for human consumption.

    Said another way – we all know what a complete and utter moron you are, faux sheepskins notwithstanding

  • My very dearest Fred:

    You spend entirely too much time thinking about me. My wife (younger than me by a decade) is jealous.

    On the other hand, I spend next to no time contemplating you.

  • Chuck,

    you spend enough time contemplating others to bother responding to Fred… who you wouldn’t bother with if you really were all that. And you spend hours trying to impress us with your degrees and young wife (if she exists she could still be a fat pig or could be some bimbo that most guys would use for a few hours or she really could be all that)…. but all the time you spend crowing proves (as PhD’d shrink would recognize) you are incredibly insecure and probably have a tiny wanker

  • Well of course she’s jealous of me!

    I weigh 600 pounds less than she does, do not smell like a garbage truck in the sun, and am not married to you!

  • My wife is a treasure (and a doctor) thank you very much.

    She is pleased with my manhood and that’s all that matters.

  • DocChuck

    You must be a troll, no one would serioudly put up those pics for scrutiny if they were really serious about impressing us. I don’t get the sense of humor that has us all laughing at your “wife” and you… but OK. Does the actual owner of those pics know you are making them the laughingstock of the NYC sandwich cogniscenti?

  • She’s only pleased with it because no one else would even think of touching her stanky butt-ugly body with a 10 foot pole.

  • Folks, Fred is CockChug. Stop humoring him. Arguing with himself is his favorite idiotic pastime.

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