More Free KFC Grilled Chicken

If that whole “one free piece of grilled chicken” day wasn’t enough for you, Lunch’er David pointed us to this coupon for two free pieces of KFC grilled chicken, two sides and a biscuit. The only catch is, you have to print the coupon out before 11 p.m. EST tonight (Tuesday, May 5th.) tomorrow night (Wednesday, May 6th.)


  • Crap! i cant download the coupon. Anyone want to fax me a copy? moniquer83ATgmailDOTcom

  • That coupon printer is ridiculous! Waste of time. I managed to grab 2 coupons tho. Hooray!

  • Mine worked…mmmmmmm…free KFC

    *drool rolls on down the side of the mouth*

  • Sounds like another Quizno’s waiting to happen… :)

  • Unable to get a coupon…keeps timing out…appears you can print between now and 9PM CDT 5/6 though.

  • is this real? I mean, why would Oprah partner with KFC? And why would KCF have such a generous freebie?

  • Have you seen Oprah lately?

    she clearly loves the original recipe

  • “Fax a copy”??? What, are we living in the 90′s here? Besides, I doubt that will work–the coupons are probably individually numbered by the print routine, one use per number. (I.e., photocopies or multiple printouts of a pdf or ‘fax’ probably won’t work.)

  • here’s a generic one that was posted for a while wile the coupon printer wasn’t working

  • absolutely not installing a “coupon printer” lmao @ not valid on Mother’s Day. I have to make new plans now.

  • Thanks Tony.

    It occurs to me that it looks like corporate is paying for this. Seems like a major attempt to try and win back a future for a company that is worried about a world where people are increasingly shying away from fried foods. Seems desperate. Free foods is free foods though… :)

  • On line at 42nd/Mad location now, manager just announced they hit their limit and will not be honoring coupons.

  • Can anyone else confirm that the KFC near Grand Central stopped honoring the coupon?

  • Just got back from 50th & 7th ave – there was about 50 ppl crammed into a very tiny space before me .. will try again much earlier on another day. The mgr said “while supplies last” so I wouldn’t even attempt this location.

    I walked to Happy Well Being and got fish over rice!

  • My friend hit up the 42nd location last night and got the freebie. I just got my coupons to print–finally–so I will hit up some KFC this weekend early….

  • I printed the coupon yesterday and went to the herald sq location. I waited 5 min, and received my free meal. No problems there. The chicken was pretty good although I do prefer their original recipe and it came with a biscuit and 2 sides.

    I was astonished that nobody else on line had a coupon and were paying for their meals.

  • I got my coupon last night…
    I got a wing and a leg (boo!) and I had to get cole slaw and mashed potatoes – yuck. chicken was okay. I would have liked a better choice of meat but managers choice means – crap shoot.

  • coupon better be good till 5/19. I printed out a few.
    the scan code is different on each one.
    what time is a good time to get to the freebie deal?

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