At Lunch Now Reminder: Today is KFC’s Free Grilled Chicken Day

Free chicken confirmation from the KFC location on 50th and 7th. Sadly it was just a wing, so it left me wanting more (guess that’s the point). Tough to tell quality from one little wing but it was good enough- and looked better in person than in the fake grill mark photo in the poster. Nice appetizer to begin the lunch hour… (now moving on to something better.)

Update: Sorry, forgot to mention… No line at 11:45, but it shouldn’t be too bad throughout the day because they already have the chicken prewrapped and ready to go. Ordering food and paying for it might be a different story…


  • I did the free piece at the 42nd and Madison location and tacked on their 2 piece dark meal. So I ended up with 2 legs, a thigh, mashed, corn, and a biscuit, all for 3.99+tax.

    1. The biscuit tasted different from all the other times I’ve had KFC upstate, and not in a good way. It was very flour-y
    2. The chicken looks better in posters than it does in person. It does not look appetizing, contrary to EpiBlog.
    3. It does not taste delicious. The chicken had some flavor, and was juicy and moist in the same way that kfc usually is. But the crappy quality of the chicken (KFC compared to making it yourself) was not offset by the normal burst of flavor that both their original recipe and extra crispy both have. It was….boring.
    4. Given Original Recipe, extra crispy, or Grilled, or Popeyes, I’d choose popeyes, extra crispy, original, then grilled. I obviously prefer fried things, and I feel like the texture of this grilled chicken, or lack thereof, was not offset enough by any sort of “wow” flavor.
    5. For 3.99 in midtown, their 2 piece lunch combo is a good deal. But since I look forward to lunch each day, and I can’t say I would look forward to their chicken, I will not be purchasing KFC’s Grilled Chicked in the future.
    6. I know the sodium and fat content of the grilled is lower than that of original recipe at KFC, so for the health conscious that may be a factor–I am not health conscious.

  • This grilled chicken phenomenom will not last long. Mark my words. I went on Saturday and had to wait 10 minutes extra, I guess the cooking process is longer. Second, I don’t know what the hell they’re doing in the kitchen to these chicken. I don’t see any grill back there, or any smoke, etc. When I got my chicken it looked like it had been through a flame broiler like BK, pieces of the chicken skin looked scorched, and not in a good way. The chicken also came in a pool of grease. What are they doing to the chicken?

  • 3:15 PM at the KFC on 42nd off Madison had a line running through the store, past the Dunkin Donuts counter, out the door and down the street. Times are indeed tight, but they would have to be a WHOLE lot tighter in order for me to wait on that kind of line for a free chicken wing.

  • when faced with such a line, one need only ask one’s self – WWRPD?

  • I dunno what people are complaining about. I was pretty impressed by it. The chicken tastes remarkably close to what they had been churning out with the fryer and with half the fat and calories. I know health is not a concern for most here, but if you’re on your share of Zocor and the like than this is a really reasonable alternative.

  • i’d have to say that the grilled chicken was refreshingly underseasoned, but were the samples culled from cornish hens? i would hope that pieces would be larger for paying customers.

  • The rats ruined it for me.


  • OK Fred, I’ll bite (or I’m slow, so please enlighten me!): Who is RP?

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