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You know… maybe I don’t want to know. Some things are better left as “evidence of” as opposed to “actual sighting”. I had a pork noodle soup at Hing Won today (on 48th btw. 5+6th), and lord knows that place has seen its fair share of roaches. But they don’t have booths. Szechuan Gourmet has booths… don’t they? Do they serve pork noodle soup? I guess he didn’t specifically say it was Chinese food. Menchanko Tei (on 45th btw. Lex+3rd) serves ramen with pork in it. Technically that could be considered pork noodle soup… oh man, I’ve got to know!

This, you’re not going to believe. (Not so much where, but the “what happened next”)

He went on to say “Cockroach was struck, then impaled, and ultimately carried from table with wooden chopsticks. Man shrugged and went back to eating. It’s sad because the food was delicious.” Oh man!  I think I would have paid to see that.


  • Hey, I went to Hing Won today too. Thought about the pork noodle soup, but was lured away by the fried shrimp. They were slightly awesome.

  • Twatter tosser.

  • I just figure the vermin have great taste..

  • I eat at Kar Won at least twice a week, as does my boss. The question is… should I tell him?

  • Grr…someone had to throw a wrench in my Kar Won-love affair.

    The soup is still worth the risk of roach infestation, I’d say.

  • They’re delicious with a little duck sauce on them.

  • Someone needs to tell this tool that ALL restaurants have some form of vermin lurking about.

    I mean, they have to eat too…

  • I disagree, ‘HungryAnon’.

    Most restaurants outside of New Yawk City at least make an attempt to control their cockroaches and rats.

    Restaurants in New Yawk City do not care. They do not care about ANYTHING other than their ‘bottom line.’ They are filthy.

    But personally, I do not care. My wife and I would NEVER eat in a restaurant, especially in a New Yawk City restaurant.

    We care too much about our continued good health.

    Thank you.

  • I used to love Kar Won when I worked around the block from them! (Yes, years ago pre-ML) Damn, that was like the closest to real Chinese food I could find up there… anyways. Ahem.

  • Is there a Midtown Lunch twitter account?

  • One continues to wonder why DocChuck, who has affirmed many many times that he has no interest in eating in any NY establishment, continues to make a fool of himself by commenting on NY Eateries. If he has no interest in NYC food establishments, why does he continue to comment on a blog devoted exclusively to NYC food establishments?

  • Not only are the premises themselves filthy, but so are all too many of the people working in them.

  • Fred really is CockChug, isn’t he Zach? A kinder, gentler version, right?

    He just can’t help arguing with himself, that’s the tip-off.

  • wayne:

    Like DC, I am a food blog reader

    Unlike DC, I actually am interested in the food I read about.

    On many food blogs, DC has been permanently banned for his “I hate food, I hate you all, you are all dumber and less well off than me” approach to commentary. In all such cases, the blog or website has improved immensely in his absence. So….I hope that happens here…..the sooner, the better.

  • I’m not buying it. You two are waaaaay too similar in your scribbling. And obsessive bizarre behavior.

  • Listen, chuckie is a far greater health risk than ANY NY restaurant.The fatty folds of his tits alone hold more ebola than the W.H.O. in atlanta.

    He’s banned from any Net usage in Arkansas…think of that ,Arkansas…theres only 2 bloody ‘puters there…and the clintons own them both.

    He’s just a big fat midwestern racist slug….and as for his money….lehmans have a better credit rating.

  • I’d rather stand accused of eating my own bodily waste than stand accused of being “Fred.”

  • Well Wayne, maybe you should ask Zach if the source IPs for my comments are different than the source IPs for DocChucks. As a winner of the conveyor belt sushi lunch, and a probable participant in Street-Meat-Palooza, I figure you know him personally at least in passing.

  • You stand accused then shit-eater.

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