At Lunch Now: Chinese New Year Lunch at Hing Won


This is probably as good a day as any to go to the readers’ choice for “Best Fast Food Chinese” two years running. How could I not, right?  According to commenter Yvo, you’re supposed to eat vegetarian on Chinese New Years Day as some sort of cleanse (???), but I didn’t get the memo before leaving for lunch.  I almost always order the same thing at Hing Won (sauteed udon with pork) but today I mixed it up!  House Special Lo Mein, with shrimp, chicken, and ground pork (substitute in roast pork, please.)  Uh… yeah.  Pretty much the exact same dish as the sauteed udon, just with a different kind of noodle.  Oh well.  I couldn’t help it! (As it was, it took a lot of will power not to do their newish by the lb. buffet… which always looks good, but then kills me when I weigh my lunch.)

Lucky for me, I had my wife along with me- who is always much better at mixing it up.  Her lunch (which I ate a third of) is after the jump…



Noodle Soup w/ Shredded pork and winter cabbage.  Awesome… and super spicy.  A good day for it too… Happy Chinese New Year everybody!

Hing Won, 48 W. 48th St. (btw. 5+6th Ave.), 212-719-1451


  • Who’s watching Harry?

  • @ Wayne- he came with us!

  • What did Harry have?

    Or did Mrs Zach flop one out for the bairn?

  • Hehe Harry’s first Lunar New Year :)
    Umm… dunno if this is too personal, but my sister avoided spicy foods and gassy foods when… she had recently birthed a child, cuz what you eat, they eat, when they drink the mother’s milk. Just saying.. she learned the hard way when the babies would cry a lot after getting that batch of milk, she figured out that the gassy foods obviously gave them gas and spicy foods made them sick. Hard lesson to learn. Just a word of warning for Mrs. Zach in case.

  • No wonder i was a cranky baby (HA!)

  • They make a version of that soup at Hop Won with pork or duck. I thought the duck one was mighty tasty. It’s not spicy though, so no worries about spicy booby milk there.

  • @Yvo – Baby fed just after lunch, and is now down for the count. Maybe this baby likes spicy soup! He is my son after all…

  • I actually ate the duck version of the noodle soup every day at work for 2 months. It’s really good. Not really spicy for me. I always add chili oil.

    As for babies, my nephew loves spicy foods and we think it’s cuz my sister-in-law ate a lot of spicy foods when she was pregnant.

  • Not to be Mr. Politcally Correct – but it is the Lunar New Year, as a few other Asian countries celebrate the New Year today as well and not just China.

    With that being said, the spicey beef noodle soup at Hing Won is pretty darn tasty too.

  • I celebrated the year of the ox with massive amounts of ox tail at Margon. Time for a nap

  • @ Tom – Genius!

  • Where do you think I can get tiger next year?

  • Damn, what did you have for last new year? Something from the alley?

  • I told the wife I would like her to have a little dingaling – namely my own- LOL. I could go for her pickled eggs replete with fallopian tubes with that. She promised for Chinese New Year to put her ying near my yang for a grlorious 5 minutes. For me it is the year of the weasel.

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