The “Rutgers Grease Truck” Special Finally Arrives!

I’ve been begging for it ever since the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge began, and word is the Papa Perrone Truck (on 55th btw. Mad+Park) is stepping up to the plate today. Chicken fingers. Mozzarella sticks. French Fries. Sauce. Roll.  If you’ve ever been to the Rutgers grease trucks you know exactly what I’m talking about.  This may or may not be a one time only deal (depending on how it’s received, how tough it is to make, etc.) so if you’re interested in trying this monstrosity, you might want to hit up the truck today.


  • ok wanted to try something different today and had heard about the italian food truck. sorry, was not impressed. and the menu does not sound italian. chicken fingers + french fries and mozarella sticks on a roll? exactly. trashy.


  • fat elvis for the win enough said!
    Gyro, Mozzarrela Sticks, F.F., L.T., White Sauce, Hot Sauce

    who will make me this!!!!!

  • Ok sort of confirmed that this wont be a permanent fixture. From what I gathered it sounds like a Tuesday rotation.

    I have never had the grease trucks so I dont have anything to compare it to, but this is my take on the sandwich.
    Chicken fingers is basically the same chicken he uses in the chicken parm. he puts 2 big pieces in the 10 inch hero. I happen to like his chicken parm dishes so I thought it was good.
    French fries are crinkle cut and still had crispness to it.
    Mozz sticks were your standard fanfare, but good nontheless.
    To finish it off Papa Perrones own marinara sauce.

    the end verdict was it tasted exactly like what you think it would. A blend of its components depending on what you got within each bite. Suprisingly, the sandwich wasnt greasy or heavy by any means. Was I blown away by it? No. Would I go for it again, absolutely. I think JP needs to throw this on some garlic bread to bring it up a few notches. That would definitely add a different component to it.

  • I thought the Fat Cat had the mozzarella sticks, and the fat sam had just fries?

  • @ tacorific. Sorry, you can never be proud to be from Rutgers. It just goes with the territory.

    @Alham Dulilah. You are retarded good sir. This is a specialty item that Zack was begging for. Eat penguin shit you ass spelunker.

  • Cool. I can finally try that heart attack on bread now.
    But for $7? It probably should warrant garlic bread like Kevin favored above…or I’d probably be in favor of a couple of meatballs stuffed into it too. Haha.

    I never been to the grease trucks either but been waiting to try one. I guess I can start off with this papa perrone imitation first.

  • @ Normal Guy: I was going to due the same thing to the guy complaining about it not being italian food. Good stuff!

    BTW there was a line at around 11:50 so I Imagine JP being sold out of stuff relatively soon.

  • An unofficial list of RU grease truck sandwiches from a menu one of the trucks was giving out a few years ago sitting in desk drawer at work FF=fries, LT= lettuce, tomato

    Fat cat cheese burger, FF, LT, mayo, ketchup

    Chicken or chicken finger fat cat (same replacing burger with grilled chicken or fingers)

    Fat Sam Cheese steak, grilled chicken, FF, LT mayo, ketchup

    Fat Koko pizza steak, mozz stick, FF

    Fat Night cheese steak, chicken fingers, Mozz sticks, marinara, FF

    Fat B**ch cheese steak, chicken finges, mozz sticks, FF, ketch

    Fat Elvis (Jason?) gyro, mozz stick, FF, LT, white/hot sauce

    Fat Moon chicken fingers, bacon, egg, FF, LT, mayo/ketchup

    Fat Romano ch. Steak, egg, pork roll, FF, LT mayo ketchup

    Fat Bedi-boy, Cheese burger, grilled chicken, mozz stick, marinara, FF

    Fat Buddah cheese burger, pork roll, egg, FF, LT, Mayo ketchup

    Fat Bulls cheese steak, gyro, FF, LT, white/hot sauce

  • @Alham Dulilah:Trashy?? TRASHY? You DARE call a Fat Darryl, the modern day symbol of culinary sandwich mastery, “trashy?” Go get a falafal from Pump or some dumplings from Rikshaw, and you will KNOW what trash tastes like….

    @tacorific: As a Cuse Alum, I must give you Knights props. While we routinely dominate you in hoops (and used to in football as well, but that is a whole other depressing story for us Orange) the fat Sandwiches destroy all truck food at any college I’ve ever been to. You guys are the latenight culinary winners in my book!

    @HCD: No my friend–the Fat Cat (which I thought was the original fat sandwich) is 2 burgers, fries (NO MOZZ STICKS) L/T/ Russian dressing…I don’t think they put cheese on the burgers either, unless you ask–not that the cheese is necessary.

    @ Fred: I haven’t had the Fat Elvis, but I did have the Fat ASS/Fat Bitch—not sure what they call it these days, but it had both in it…along with burgers, cheesesteak etc….AMAZING. SO many TASTES.

  • Great work Dubya El!!!! That is such a tease, but I’m pasting it in a word doc so I can get my order together and have my brother start collecting sandwiches for my impending arrival next weekend!

  • What about the “Fat Goats”?

  • @Goats, wasn’t there that awesome place near the Syracuse campus called the Varsity that had all those awesome sandwiches and dollar pizza slices that actually tasted good? I don’t think it was a late night place but sandwiches (Hobo Sub) were pretty awesome from what I remember.

  • @Goats, there were another 15 sandwiches I left off the list because I got tired of typing them all (a lot were on the veggie list). Here’s the best of the rest.

    Fat Phillippino (they’re spelling not mine) CS (cheese steak), gyro, CF (chicken fingers), MS (mozz stick), white sauce, FF, LT

    Fat Mojo CF, MS, honey mustard, FF

    Fat Va Va Voom CS, MZ, bacon, FF, marinara

    Fat Gigolo CS, MS, bacon, FF, LT mayo, ketch

    Fat Fell@tio CS, CF, MS, bacon FF, LT honey mustard

    Fat Barry CS, CF, egg, FF LT, mayo ketchup

    Fat A$$ CS, CF, FF, LT, mayo ketchup

    Phat Nini 69 CS, CF, FF, honey mustard

    Fat Soprano CF, bacon, white/hot sauce

  • Sold out @ 12:55 I dont think I’ve ever been this sad about a sandwich being sold out….

  • I got there @1:00 and also missed out – very annoying, damn!

    Walked 1 block down to 100% Halal for some fish and chips.

  • Yea, I tried to buy it around 12:55 too but since they didnt have it anymore. I didn’t feel like anything else afetr not getting what I wnated to try so I walked over to 100% Halal & Healthy. Me enjoying their greek salad w/ grilled chicken now. I kinda wish they have tzatziki sauce for the salad (Like at Canergie John’s or The Dragon) but their caesar dressing is okay (Yes, I put caesar on a greek salad. Haha). Grapes leaves and feta is a plus.

  • Got there at 1pm, sold out, said that he sold out of those in an hour :(

    BTW, there is a place in Queens, Cherry Valley that makes a Fat Cat, and something called the Beast, which is Breaded Chicken Cutlet, Onion Rings, cheese, and gravy on garlic hero.

  • @TC, I did almost the exact same thing, except I went to the 54th @ park location cause I’ve never been there, and you always gotta rep the caesar on the greek.

  • Cool! Glad I’m not the only one. Plus vinaigrette isn’t my dressing of choice. Caesar all the way.

    I should’ve gotten pita with the salad. Hopefully it will hold me til 5pm. lol.

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