The “Rutgers Grease Truck” Special Finally Arrives!

I’ve been begging for it ever since the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge began, and word is the Papa Perrone Truck (on 55th btw. Mad+Park) is stepping up to the plate today. Chicken fingers. Mozzarella sticks. French Fries. Sauce. Roll.  If you’ve ever been to the Rutgers grease trucks you know exactly what I’m talking about.  This may or may not be a one time only deal (depending on how it’s received, how tough it is to make, etc.) so if you’re interested in trying this monstrosity, you might want to hit up the truck today.


  • Nice I’ll be heading over there shortly congrats zach but does this mean the end of the challenge :o(

  • @ D – If it’s good, and Papa Perrone adds this to their permanent menu… I think I have to. What more is left to do?

  • Its called the Fat Darrell and its the reason my cholesterol is so high. The Grease Trucks also had the best gyros period.

  • If memory serves me from visiting my fellow Jersey boys who matriculated at RU, that sounds like a Fat Gary. Can anyone confirm?

  • Oh yeah, Fat Darrell, good call.

  • Will it be for $5 also?

  • drool…

    Considering that it’s directly outside my building, I don’t see how I CAN’T eat that today.

    I’m anticipating a 3 pm grease coma

  • Yes–what he is making is most definitely called the “Fat Darryl.” I hit the trucks up last weekend at RU, but am tempted to try the Perrone version of the “Darryl.”

    I will add that while I love the Fat Darryl, I prefer the simpler Fat Cat, which is merely 2 burger patties on a hero with L+T, Mayo/Ketchup and fries….F’ing heaven, even if a minor corronary ensues!

  • I dont anticipate this being a permanent fixture on Papa Perrones truck due to how his truck is setup (mainly to reheat stuff with the ovens, and no dedicated fryer handy). I am hoping though that he does keep this on a weekly rotation of sorts. Either way this solves my lunch dilemma today.

  • I can’t go today, due to free lunch coming to my office. Everyone who can, please go get one so they have to put it up on their permanent menu. Also, how much money is it?

  • No chance I can make it there today. Someone please beg them to keep this on their menu for a little while longer!

  • this is a fat daryl but its missing cheesesteak if i remember correctly.

    needless to say if this becomes a perm / semi-perm fixture, ill be traveling up to get it.

  • @freeloader.

    I think they’re all $5.50 now. I remember being outraged paying $6.50 for a fat sandwich and soda combo because I remember in my high school days the sandwiches were $4.25.

    But damn I can’t believe it’s taken this long for the fat sandwich to spread. I don’t understand why this isn’t embraced at more places considering how popular they are Rutgers.

  • I still say chicken madness.

  • @ David Fiore: Not sure about the cheesesteak. I know the truck I go to at RU Doesn’t add cheesesteak to the Darryl—it may be the Fat Sam you are thinking of, but I am not 100% sure. I will have to go back down to RU to check….on Mother’s Day.

  • this reminds me of high school and runs to the grease trucks after friday night football games. ah, the memories… JERSEY!!!

  • @Goats – Agreed, the Fat Cat is a classic and can’t be beat! I’m finally proud to be a Scarlet Knight!

  • @Goats – Agreed, the Fat Cat is a classic and can’t be beat! I’m finally proud that I’m a Scarlett Knight!

  • They should switch the marianara out for curry sauce and name it the “Fat Goats”


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