Midtown Links (The “I Can’t Believe You Are Sleeping Through This” Edition)

My kid sleeping through Lunch’er Tom’s attempt to break Don Lerman’s Go Go Curry Time

  • You can get pretty delicious looking breakfast sandwiches at wichcraft all day long [Blondie and Brownie]
  • 2 Bros 99 Cent Pizza is hoping to open their new 9th Ave. location store on Tuesday [Grub Street]
  • If you want fried food, but only have $3 in your wallet- chicken house is the only option! [BLD Project]
  • An out of bounds generic deli on 34th & 9th is now serving curry and roti on Wednesdays and Fridays [Fressa Girl]
  • KFC’s new grilled chicken beats all competition (including Ranch 1) in a taste test [Epi-Log]
  • Apparently the cuban sandwiches at Margon taste delicious with Pellegrino [Me So Hungry]
  • Josh Ozersky weighs in on the burgers at HB Burger [Feedbag]
  • The pies from Little Pie Company look pretty damn good [Food in Mouth]
  • Vegetarians beware: the dough at Golosi is made from rendered pork fat [TONY via Elaine Perlov]


  • Awesome! Thanks for the link!

  • So I was just scrolling around your site and my incredibly nosy coworker was walking by and saw this photo and started screeching about how cute Harry is. Yes, he is, now please stop stroking my hair. Anyway, I just wanted to pass on the accolades, cuz you know I think Harry is adorable too. (She actually came over and began stroking his head on the monitor while saying “What a cuuuuute little baldy!”)

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