Muhammed Rahman Returns to 45th Street Home


Like Tom Collichio returning to the kitchen of Craft… Muhammed Rahman has returned to the cart that made him famous: the original Kwik Meal cart on 45th & 6th.  He has spent the better part of the past few months manning two new Kwik Meal carts- Quick Delight (on 45th & 3rd) and the hilariously named Meal Obama (on 37th and 7th).  All four of his carts are still in their normal spots… but if you worked near the original Kwik Meal cart, and have been missing Muhammed’s smiling face, this is the week to hit up Kwik Meal for some lamb over rice.


  • Can someone confirm if the 47th street and 3rd cart has the fish dishes of the west side cart?

  • Isn’t kwik delight on 45th and 3rd, not 47th? It’s been two weeks since I’ve been there, maybe it moved.

  • Naw… that’s a typo. thanks!

  • Beginning to think Zach has numeric-geographic dyslexia

    Side effect of greasy chinese buffets

  • Hey, Kids, here’s a riddle:

    What’s worse than finding a hair in your chicken polaw?
    When it’s already in your mouth!

    Thanks Kwik Meal!

  • Just saw him today. Food was tasty as ever.

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