At Lunch Now: Shortest Ben & Jerry’s Line Ever

I don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but this could be the shortest free cone day line I’ve ever seen. Last year the Rock Center line came all the way back down and around the corner. Not sure if it will get better or worse as the day goes on Apparently it will get worse as the day goes on (update below)… Feel free to post updates in the comments. 1:30pm wait time for my cone: under 10 mins. (And keep in mind, if you tip they usually give you more.)

UPDATE via comments: “Nice pic. Just went down again but line has gotten longer since you took this.” “20 minutes just now, it has snaked back and around the corner all the way to the pharmacy.”  Holy mackerel.  I guess 3:30 is the prime ice cream time.


  • I was just there ! just finished my cone – and was telling my co-worker the same thing. Line looked kind of long though but it was FAST. Probably 10 minutes for me too.

  • Ditto on 10 minutes at 1:30P

  • ” … if you tip they usually give you more.” REALLY???

    WTF kind of place would someone stand in line — yes IN LINE — for a frickin’ ice cream cone, and THEN be extorted?

    Oh, yeah, I know — CHICAGO!

  • Nice pic. Just went down again but line has gotten longer since you took this.

  • 20 minutes just now, it has snaked back and around the corner all the way to the pharmacy.

  • OKAY, I just have to ask. What is it about “standing in line” that gets you New Yawkas off?

    Seriously, why do you folks spend SOOoo much time ‘standing in line’ for a burger, or an ice cream cone, or a slice of disgusting pizza, or for whatever?

    What do you folks DO when you’re ‘standing in line’?

    Do you ogle the opposite sex’s buns, do you fondle yourself, do you pick your nose, do you wonder how you are going to pay your next month’s exorbitant rent (for a frickin’ shoebox)?

    Come on, give a retired psychologist a break — tell me WHY you choose to waste your life ‘standing in line’.

  • We’ll all stand in the very long line at your funeral to view your body, DocChuck….not out of respect, but out of the need to assure ourselves that you really and truly are dead and we can all therefore sleep just a little easier thereafter

  • Got on line at 3:35. Ice cream in hand 4:10. The guard says that after 5pm is the worst time.

  • Thanks, Fred. I will make certain that my survirors save you a place in line at the funeral.

    Should I ask them to also reserve a place for your girlfriend, Louise Brescia, ‘Fred’? LOL!

  • @ DocChuck: STFU, don’t act like you’ve never waited in line for anything in your life… I’m sure you’ve been to an amusement park, a horse race, or something where you had no choice but to stand in line…

  • He stands in line for his welfare check, food stamps, and government cheese every month. Also to get into the gay/tranny dance clubs.

  • For those of you who didn’t figure it out yet, “Fred” is DocChuck’s latest, more “friendly” incarnation.

    Add another douchey identity to the loooong list…

  • Actually Wayne, no, I am not DocChuck. Zach can confirm that via ip lookup, but I’ll guess he probably won’t, or at least not disclose it publicly. Maybe he will tell you privately.

    I am (or was) the hamster, the blow-up doll, and the wife, not necessarily in that order. I have had to deal with DocChuck on a number of food-related sites, and in all cases except for this one the blog author has expelled him in some fashion (ip block, moderating comments, required registration, etc) at some point. I still have hope that someday, it will happen here as well.

  • Please allow me to set the record straight, so to speak:

    I’d sooner burn my own tail off than post as “Fred” (or wayne or ben or mcbeagle).

    I am congenitally unable to pretend I am that pathetic.

  • Yeah, you have no need to pretend. You *are* pathetic

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