Benjamin Steakhouse Doesn’t Quite Get “Midtown Lunch”

After receiving an email from a Benjamin Steakhouse PR person, I politely told them that Midtown Lunches have to be under $10. Her reply: “We actually do have some great things under $10.00 that I would love for you to consider! Two items on the menu [that] are perfect for lunch are the French Onion Soup and the Wedge Salad. They are big sellers during lunchtime. Additionally, I’ve attached images for your review.” Wedge salad? You’re joking, right? I believe that’s what is know in “the business” as an appetizer. Sell a steak sandwich *and* soup or salad for $10, and then we’ll talk.


  • hahahaha, a wedge salad for lunch. oh man… that PR person must not read ML at all…

  • Whole foods sells a wedge salad covered in blue cheese and bacon. Now that’s a great meal.

    BTW, I love the Golden Blossom Honey ad on the left. lol

  • That is the most unappetizing-looking thing I have ever seen.

  • the food is great there, but you are right they dont even come close to fitting into the “midtownlunch” category.

  • This made me laugh. But the picture made me cringe.

  • WTF is a Wedge Salad?

  • Under $10 for a salad or a soup. Ugh, Pass!
    I’m sure Wendy’s jr. bacon cheeseburger, chili, and caesar side salad serve as better options. And I don’t even like Wendy’s not-so-super “value menu” in the city.

  • A bowl of soup and a ‘wedge’ salad — $10.00??

    Be still my beating heart while I jump on the next train to the Big Apple’s ‘Midtown’!

    And that photo….. Are you sure that was not taken in the restroom where someone changed their kid’s diaper?

  • T.C.: Try the Wendy’s double stack, and slip a crispy chicken sandwich (bun and all) between the patties. It’s REALLY good!

  • Am I correct in thinking that the “wedge salad” is nothing more than iceberg lettuce plus dressing??? Not even a little slice of onion? I’d sooner hit my emergency stash of Hot Pockets than eat a (free) wedge salad as my entire lunch. Benjamin Steakhouse also needs a new photographer because, as Vegetarianka said, the wedge salad *looks* incredibly unappetizing–even worse than the infamous Flavors salad cellphone pic.

  • The proper response to Benjamin’s was to tell them to toss your salad

  • Steve: Nah, I think a McDonald’s doublecheeseburger, stuffed with 4 pieces of McNuggets, then slathered on with sour-n-sour or BBQ sauce should beat out the doublestack-crispchicken at Wendy’s. Less bread, more flavor and greasy-goodness. lol.

  • Just for her response, I’ll make it a point not to eat at Benjamins for lunch, or Dinner.

    When I worked at 1251, Delfrisco’s steak sandwich was a weekly thing (started as a payday event, and they hooked us with the potatochips and fried onions).

  • wait, did she mean that a bowl of soup AND a wedge salad was $10? Those two appetizers separately were around $10 each? That would be an even suckier deal!

  • Wedge Salad: Too lazy to Chop Salad.

  • Also, when and how exactly did the whole “We’re too lazy to make more thank 3 cuts into a half-head of lettuce” “salad” become popular.

    At least if the lettuce were, you know, cut up into pieces that indicated it was $10 worth of effort, would the cost of this “salad” make sense. How much more would it cost if I asked for my salad cut up into salad-sized pieces…

    Also, at what point does lettuce stop existing as “lettuce” and become “salad”? Is the progression:

    - 0 cuts: head
    - 1 cut: half head
    - 2 cuts: quarter head
    - 3 cuts: salad?

  • Damnit monique.

  • T.C.: Interesting. Have to try that. The Wendy’s doublestack-crispy chicken combo had an excellent balance, though, even with the bread.

    And I agree, “wedge salads” are lame.

  • my understanding is that a big mac with a mc chicken in the middle is a “McGangbang” and can be ordered as such

    I would think that a double stack with crispy chicken sandwich should be a “Double Stuffed Wendy”



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