Benjamin Steakhouse Doesn’t Quite Get “Midtown Lunch”

After receiving an email from a Benjamin Steakhouse PR person, I politely told them that Midtown Lunches have to be under $10. Her reply: “We actually do have some great things under $10.00 that I would love for you to consider! Two items on the menu [that] are perfect for lunch are the French Onion Soup and the Wedge Salad. They are big sellers during lunchtime. Additionally, I’ve attached images for your review.” Wedge salad? You’re joking, right? I believe that’s what is know in “the business” as an appetizer. Sell a steak sandwich *and* soup or salad for $10, and then we’ll talk.


  • I like your thinking max. Have you been to Port 41 perchance?

  • Holy shit, I just looked it up! It’s under $10 for each of them! A freaking wedge salad is $9.95 so it BARELY squeaks in as a Midtown Lunch! The soup is $7.95.

    That shit is hilarious. Never fear though, perhaps next she’ll recommend the $8.95 fries or the $9.95 side of broccoli as an alternate!

  • $9.95 for a side of broccoli? Sometimes I really hate this city…

  • never been to Port 41, do you work there? ;)

    Yelp review are interesting…

  • wow. class place.

  • You know, the wedge salad does kind of look yummy. But, the fact that this place has a PR person says too me, that they’re probably overpriced. The best PR people are your regulars!!!

  • You know….I’m ashamed to admit it…but I had a really good lunch at the Outback (56th and 3rd ave) a few weeks ago. Soup, 6 oz. steak, 2 full sized sides (mmmmm..fully loaded baked potato) and their honey sugar bread (no point in calling it wheat) for $9.99 (plus tax and tip). I mean…i wasnt expecting anything nice..but it sure was a good deal.

  • I didn’t even know what the heck wedge salad was… until now.

    Thanks everyone, for the educational experience!

  • Steve: Not a big fan of Wendy’s but maybe when I think they deserve my business again. Haha.
    Man, all that bread. I think I rather stuff it up with their chicken nuggets too.

  • Whaaaaat

    I can buy a head of iceberg and a bottle of dressing for five bucks, and that apparently would make almost $40 worth of wedge salads, according to the Benjamin Steakhouse menu. Insane.

  • Wow. lapse in due diligence for the PR lady. lapse in judgment too. how are you gonna hawk a salad or soup for $10 with an unappetizing photo and expect a good response?

    i smell a reverse (?) shill. no one is that stupid. NO ONE is THAT stupid!!!!! :head explodes:

  • That salad looks like something my housecat, Mr. Cutlets, horked up after feasting in the dumpster.

    If I were served something like that I would send it back, summon themanager and consult my attorney.

  • Stumbled across this and was amused.

    I doubt it’s $3 for all 4 slices, but if it is, that’s kind of a great bargain. I’m sure if you dined in, they’d give you a bread basket, so that would be a complete… ish… meal. Not that I’m recommending you eat bacon and bread for lunch, Zach. But you know. For the blog.

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