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Food Blog or Porn Site?

I love getting emails that mistake me for the Midtown Lunch spots I write about. Like this one… “Hello, I am the registered owner of and I am actively looking for a buyer for both of these domain names, and your restaurant looks like a place that could potentially benefit from these names. $2,000.00 or best offer. Feel free to call or email me anytime if you are interested.”  Forget about food blogs. I think this guy has a better shot getting 2k from a porn company… what do you think?

Benjamin Steakhouse Doesn’t Quite Get “Midtown Lunch”

After receiving an email from a Benjamin Steakhouse PR person, I politely told them that Midtown Lunches have to be under $10. Her reply: “We actually do have some great things under $10.00 that I would love for you to consider! Two items on the menu [that] are perfect for lunch are the French Onion Soup and the Wedge Salad. They are big sellers during lunchtime. Additionally, I’ve attached images for your review.” Wedge salad? You’re joking, right? I believe that’s what is know in “the business” as an appetizer. Sell a steak sandwich *and* soup or salad for $10, and then we’ll talk.