Thai Food Hating Profiled Lunch’er Eats Some Thai Food

Remember the profiled lunch’er who admitted that he didn’t like Thai food, and then became the most ridiculed Profiled Midtown Lunch’er of all time? Well, for once, your ridicule actually worked to effect positive change in the world- and “Matt” is happy to report that he tried Thai food again and… (well, I don’t want to spoil it.)

After the spirited feedback from the comments section (side note to the person who accused me of living in my parents basement: you’re insulting random people on the internet and I’m the one who lives in my parents basement?), I decided to journey out and try Thai food. The choice was Pam’s Real Thai Food (on 49th btw. 9+10th), although I generally don’t eat at restaurants that cite their realness in the name, I decided to trust the comments section. I selected a number of co-workers so we could maximize our order. While the shrimp roll we started with was typical, I found the Thai Beef Jerky to be quite a treat. I don’t even like regular beef jerky – could this Thai cuisine improve on other dishes as well? As the different entrees were passed around the table, I noticed the Pad Thai coming my way. This was the big moment.


I tried this traditional Thai dish and I found it to be quite delicious! The sauce was fantastic and it had just the right mix of noodles and vegetables.

Would I eat Thai food again? Absolutely. Although I put Thai food in the same category as Indian food – foods I will eat only if I’m not doing anything important that day. I wouldn’t chow down on this before a big meeting. That’s just me. Feel free to disagree and you probably will… as I am the most hated man in Midtown Lunch history.

Ok, so it may have worked this time commenters. But don’t think that this makes up for all the non-productive times you guys have massacred Profiled Lunchers…


  • Casting my vote for Most Improved Luncher, 2009.

    Excellent work. If we commenters can make even one life richer and more gluttonous through our ritualized patterns of abuse, then it has all been worth it.

  • Speaking of thai food, anybody know of a couple of good locales in the midtown area. Im specifically looking for excellent Pad Thai. Seems like most places are very average.

  • yay! see, internet bullying doesn’t have to result in tragedy. hats off to matt.

  • Maybe we can suggest some decent Indian food places for this guy to try.

  • Yeah MATT! Good for you and thanks for not taking comments too seriously, I think we all suffer from crankyness from low-blood sugar and hunger.

    You are now my favorite ML profiled luncher!!

  • I’m glad that you finally tried it and enjoyed it! The first time I had Thai food, I actually wasn’t too crazy about it. I ordered chicken sate and pad thai and thought that both were way too sweet. I tried it again a couple of years later at another restaurant and started liking it more. Now, I love the stuff.

  • I love Pam Real Thai but their Thai beef jerky is awful. Now Matt’s entire worldview is suspect to me!

  • Wait a minute. He’d never had pad thai before? Now I’m really confused. Isn’t that like saying you don’t like Mexican food without having tried a burrito?

  • baby steps

  • @dan L – that was the whole ’cause of the haterade against this guy to begin with. He said he hated thai food w/o ever trying it, due to someone throwing up b/c of some bad pad thai

  • I think we can all agree that that the bottom line of all this is that Zach now has to eat that Walgreen’s sandwich. And take Sarah Hellerman along with him.

  • No one can ever say midtown lunch hasn’t made a difference in the world. The issue wasn’t that you didn’t like Thai, but that you thought it was some stomach destroying food. Its noodles and chicken and delicious.

  • I think what he did was awesome. He didn’t shy away from the negative comments – he faced his demons head on! and Now he knows he doesnt HATE thai. he may not love it but at least he went out there and proved to himself he could do it!

  • Good on ya Matt. And DocChuck aka Fred has you beat as most-hated by a loooong mile.

    Anyone ever tell you you look like Mick Jones of the Clash / B.A.D. ?

  • Am I the only who thinks there’s too many Thai places in the city?

  • Why is the person next to Matt in photo # 1 blocked out?

  • @DDR – She was embarassed to be seen with him?

    He actually asked that I crop out anybody else in the photos aside from him- so I just blacked the face out instead.

  • Good for you Matt. Now that you’ve eaten Thai now you can understand why we were so brutal on you.

    Hope that you are able to enjoy an even bigger variety of dishes in the future.

  • @ Fred: Ha ha. So true. Zach, it’s just a damn sandwich! : )

    All right. I’m going to get on my soapbox now. (Violins playing in background) I get the whole thing of not eating anything that’s less than delicious. But there is something a wee bit spoiled about refusing to eat something that’s probably not super yummy because it’s shrink-wrapped and it won’t be as heavenly as Panda Express (which still stumps me). Maybe it’s because I’ve been to a lot of third-world countries where a lot of the people don’t have this privilege of choosing what and where to eat. At the end of the day, it’s just nourishment. We’re lucky enough to be in a position where we can make choices. End soapbox.

    So, Zach, I really think you shouldn’t have chickened out on the bet.

  • That Fork was empty…….and i think thats anastasia sat next to him.


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