Is Free Golosi on Tax Day A Sham?

“I decided to give Golosi a shot today. Noone working there knew about the buy 1″ get 1″ free special, but there is some sort of free gelato coupons they give with pizza orders.” Oh boy… here we go again. I called the location but they’re not answering. Anybody get free pizza today? UPDATE: PR person wrote in to the deal is being honored for all slices… The earlier problems were a staff mix-up.


  • I went for lunch today and they said the buy one get one special only applies to the plain pizza. This was after I ordered and was getting ready to pay. I did get two free gelato coupons for the two slices I ordered.

  • I too went there, no one knew anything. But my plain slice wasn’t that fantastic. They need to work on the sauce some more. But my co-workers raved about the “specialty” slices. Guess I’ll go back for another run for the Special stuff.

  • Yeah…I went…and after arguing with them for about 15 seconds, and telling them I could pull up the special on multiple websites on my bberry, they just gave me the buy 3″ get 3″ free deal AND gave me the free gelato coupons…(pretty nice guys if you push them)…but basically, everyone who worked there was clueless

  • You would think that they should inform their staff about the special offers rather than risk alienating customers and potential new customers.

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