Tax Day is Free Food Day in Midtown

A couple of deals worth mentioning for tax day tomorrow (Wednesday, 4/15): Golosi, the new pizza by the inch place on Park Ave. btw. 41+42nd, is offering buy one get one free scoops of gelato and buy some pizza, get the same amount free (minimum 3″ purchase) from 11am to 9 pm. And if you are willing travel a bit out of bounds, Supermac (on 7th Ave. btw. 29+30th) is offering 8 cent mac and cheese through the 8coupons website, and Energy Kitchen (not to be confused with Pump Energy Food) is offering a free bison cheesesteak, thai chicken wrap, or chicken burger with the purchase of any drink between Noon and 2pm. Energy Kitchen has three locations just out of the ML boundaries… one on 2nd Ave. btw. 57+58th, one on 41st and 2nd Ave., and one on 47th btw. 9+10th Aves. [Eater, 8Coupons, Eater]

Late Addition: According to this website there will also be free Cinnabon bites in Rock Center from 5 to 8 p.m.


  • I hate to sound like Doc Chuck saying this but, I have a Masters Degree: Is it possible I’m too stupid to use this 8 coupons website? How the hell do I get the coupon? and what amount of mac and cheese does this apply to?? AARGH!

  • “Tax Day”???

    Are you kidding or what?

    I mean the whole planet learned, just today, that to live (may I say, ‘survive’) in New Yawk City, one must be willing to pay the HIGHEST taxes on the planet for the ‘privilege.’

    Obviously, my lack of education prevents me from understanding why anyone in control of their mental faculties would tolerate the corrupt politicians whom you people have chosen to regulate your pathetic, uneventful, robotic, lonely lives.

    But, HEY!, if your panties are not in a wad, and if your fantasy “Sex and the City” is your goal in life — I say GO FOR “Tax Day.”

    I honestly hope that the premise of the old movie “Escape From New York” doesn’t materialize during my lifetime, at least.

    The country would NEVER be able to absorb so many people who have suddenly awakened to reality.

  • Um… hey “DocChuck” – why on earth are you on a site devoted to lunch in midtown Manhattan if you hate New York so much? Don’t you have anything better to do with your time, like maybe send a teabag to Congress?

  • Oh I’m sure there’s plenty of ‘tea bagging’ going on in Doc Chuck’s life.

  • Not to mention the hot carls and pink socks

  • Pleasant surprise of my morning was a lady standing a few blocks from my work w/a Sophie’s outfit & carrying a huge tray of mini-empanadas. She must’ve smelled my Midtown Lunchiness, because plenty of people walked by before me & she didn’t blink an eye. As soon as I neared, she stepped into my path w/the fried goodness & a big smile. YES!

  • @mish: care to share where this magic occurred?

  • Wow I didn’t realize DocChuck is like Voldemort– merely mentioning his name summons him…

  • Out of bounds, but the Metro has a coupon for a free lunch with purchase of a beverage at Energy Kitchen today 12-2pm. They have multiple locations.

    Looks like only choice of 3 things:

    Bison Cheesesteak Wrap, Chicken Burger, Thai Chicken Wrap.

  • I decided to give Golosi a shot today. Noone working there knew abou tthe buy 1″ get 1″ free special, but there is some sort of free gelato coupons they give with pizza orders.

  • Just finishing off my free Thai chicken wrap accompanied by a huge serving of mashed sweet potatoes and creamsicle smoothie… thinking of going back for more! The energy kitchen in the financial district did an outstanding job with this promotion. Even better was seeing a competitor jump in to take advantage of the lines by offering free samples while we waited.

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