At Lunch Now: Spring is Here

You know how you can tell that Winter is officially over? The Mister
Softee Trucks are out in full force. (I hope this doesn’t jinx it.)


  • Oooh cherry dipped vanilla cone. Drool.

  • I thought I was hallucinating when I saw a mister Softee in downtown… it was friggin cold!

  • just bought a cone. prices are up to $3 for a plain cone!!! he said the prices just went up $1 today and it was all the trucks, not just in midtown. is this true or did i get jobbed?

  • Does anyone know if there’s a truck near 55th and mad/park?

    My coworkers are clamoring for IC and I’m the resident lunch expert…

    Help? Anyone?

  • Dylan

    Usually you can find a truck on the NE corner of 54th and 3rd.

    I understand being the resident lunch expert, I am for my office, and it’s a very important position.

  • I just wanted to vent that the rickshaw dumpling truck has replaced the dessert truck on 3rd ave and st marks place at night. At least it did last night, and I was upset. >(

  • Thanks!

    I took a walk with some of the office ladies, and we found one on 60th and Lex.

    This guy apparently didn’t get the price-hike memo: it was $5 for two cones w/ sprinkles.

  • Hey! That is my corner. That is my Mr. Softee Guy. Look:

    Confidentially, I just had one yesterday with the chocolate crunchies. It tasted just like a Carvel ice cream cake. Heaven. (Just $3. I think it was $2 last year. But I could be making that up.

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