New “Mexican” Cart Serving Burritos on Park Ave.


After settling on my “chicken scampi” lunch the other day from the Magdy’s Cheesesteak cart (on Park and 46th), I stumbled across this random sign on what seemed like an otherwise standard street meat cart.  I was super curious, but already full- and vowed to return in my obligatory roll as Midtown guinea pig.  Luckily Lunch’er “Alan” beat me to the punch, and sent along this mini-review:

This Cart on 53rd & Park has been here for a month or two has recently added burritos to their menu. The cart appears to be run by a Mexican couple. For $3 the decent sized burrito included chicken or ground beef, rice, tomato, onions, cheese, hot sauce and sour cream. It was a pretty good burrito considering the options in the immidiate area. Really a great price for what it is, a nice change from your typical halal cart.

The photo of his burrito is after the jump…


Ok, so it’s not the greatest photo in the universe… but you get the idea. This probably is not going to replace the El Rey del Sabor cart (on 60th & 3rd Ave.) anytime soon, but if you work in the area and don’t have to time to trek up to 60th Street this could be a new, interesting option. I will definitely be hitting it up soon. If there are any other early adopters out there, feel free to comment below.


  • Do they have refried beans?? That would be awesome.

  • No Refried Beans, but a seasoned black bean, not too bad.

  • Black beans? That’s good. I could totally live with that for a $3 burrito!

  • Sorry for the lousy photo, hate my iphone camera.

  • just tried the chix burrito. its not a large burrito – but if you aren’t looking for that food coma and still craving mexican i would reccomend. liked it very much – fresh and tasty. rice and beans platter can be arranged…

  • Burrito stuffed with fries ?

    *head explodes*

  • BenBen, I’ve made a burrito before with the usual ingredients then added leftover mac & cheese. It was sooo damn good. mummmmm… mac and cheese burrito…….

  • I was eating a cheese sandwich with pretzels in it yesterday.

  • I was wondering what happened to this post. It seemed to be posted last night, then removed :)

  • When i was a nipper i used to have Mashed potato butties.

    With thick butter.

  • I make a point that whenever I go to San Diego that makes incredible burritos. They are already my favorite but they offer a carne asada stuffed with french fries and other things.

    Favorite burrito ever.

  • Nice option for a food-starved area. While I doubt they’ll draw anyone out of the swanky Dishes next door…I’m certianly going to hit it up tommorrow!

  • Not to get off topic, but is El Ray del Sabor still operating on 60th and 3rd? I couldn’t find him today.

  • I stopped by today (btw 1-2pm) and couldn’t find them – anyone know what happened?

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