A New Low: Lunch in Midtown is Worse Than Jersey

“I have been reading your blog for a few years while working in midtown. The reason for your blog is justifiable since the food is so average at best and the pricing is just hilarious. Now that I am working in Jersey and eating great food again from real italian delis, crazy authentic korean restaurants, thai, getting real bagels for breakfast, etc i am going to stop reading your blog as it serves no purpose for me anymore accept to feel bad that you still have to resort to eating stuff like the above sandwiches for $10. It’s kind of pathetic. Brown bag it dude. Not to mention the cockroaches and rats in all of those establishments. -rocky”

That… uh… makes me feel really shitty. Wait! You know what… I’m not going to let this “rocky” get me down. FUCK… YOU… GUY. Let’s get one thing straight: Midtown lunching is like a family. It’s perfectly ok to bad mouth it (or call it a food wasteland), if you’re related by blood (or lunchtime misery.) You, however, now work in Jersey… so keep your damn opinions (and your “real Italian delis” and “crazy authentic restaurants”) to yourself!


  • Hold on a sec here.
    The author of that little blurb has a point. There are probably a lot of better food choices scattered throughout Jersey than there are in Midtown Manhattan.

    And, being of Indian origin, I can assure you what you call Indian food in Manhattan is considered crap. It never used to be this way, honestly – I don’t know what happened. In the 80′s NYC was the place to go for an Indian meal.
    But now it’s definitely Jersey. Curry Hill is a S**th*le. And I went to Tabla with some friends a couple of weeks ago and felt like puking.

    The same applies to other types of ethnic cuisine. A lot of these chefs/cooks who come to this country cannot afford opening up shop in Manhattan, so they have opened up on the outskirts – throughout NJ, Brooklyn, Queens etc – these are the places to go for real ethnic cuisine. – including Thai Food, Korean food etc.

    And, although this is not considered ethnic, even for Italian food, although I will admit there are fine Italian establishments in the city. But Northern NJ – areas like Nutley/Belleville, etc. you find amazing homestyle Italian Restaurants.

    And for the moron who said the only places where you have a good variety of choices in NJ is Hoboken – you’re clueless. Hoboken is the worst – it’s a collection of small chain food restaurants and the type of Thai and Indian restaurants you would find in Manhattan – in other words, Bleh!
    Montclair has a far better collection of eateries as a whole, but for individual ethnic cuisines there are particular neighborhoods you have to visit.

    My 2 cents.

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