A New Low: Lunch in Midtown is Worse Than Jersey

“I have been reading your blog for a few years while working in midtown. The reason for your blog is justifiable since the food is so average at best and the pricing is just hilarious. Now that I am working in Jersey and eating great food again from real italian delis, crazy authentic korean restaurants, thai, getting real bagels for breakfast, etc i am going to stop reading your blog as it serves no purpose for me anymore accept to feel bad that you still have to resort to eating stuff like the above sandwiches for $10. It’s kind of pathetic. Brown bag it dude. Not to mention the cockroaches and rats in all of those establishments. -rocky”

That… uh… makes me feel really shitty. Wait! You know what… I’m not going to let this “rocky” get me down. FUCK… YOU… GUY. Let’s get one thing straight: Midtown lunching is like a family. It’s perfectly ok to bad mouth it (or call it a food wasteland), if you’re related by blood (or lunchtime misery.) You, however, now work in Jersey… so keep your damn opinions (and your “real Italian delis” and “crazy authentic restaurants”) to yourself!


  • I spent the last fifteen years working in Jersey and no where did I find food options anywhere close to what’s here. For 99% of Jersey the food is much worse and for the other 1% it’s a break even, even accounting for the cost

  • “Yo bro we got teh crazy good foodz here in dirty jerz…feel these biceps bro, workin’ it, sluts love that stuff. Ey oh Joey, ‘nother calzone. Eff dat City garbage.”

    New Jersey…the armpit of America.

  • The only thing I can give to jersey are the grease trucks and hoagie heaven. If either or both of those things were in mid-town my life would be much fatter.

  • new york sucks ass…every deli is the SAME…it has that garbage buffet…what the hell!? its a DELI!!…not a chinese buffet!!!

    the guy who made my italian deli sandwich yest was named Pablo….COMON NOW!!!!!

    there are rats everywhere…it costs 11 dollars for 1 small sandwich…homeless people everywhere.

    new york is one big financial bank / bar / restaurant.


    come to new jersey if you want to see green grass and huge trees.

    Edward Norton said it the best in the 25th hour.


  • You do realize we have a park with green grass and huge trees. In fact more than one and a handful of boroughs which also offer this treat.

  • ^ LOL

    sucks you gotta take your crappy piss smelling subways to go to that one park to see grass

  • Piss smelling subway is better than piss smelling people in Jersey

  • Jersey has a city with the number one murder rate in america…cant wait to visi!!!

  • I work in Jersey, Secaucus to be exact, and the food choices here sucks wind. I could kill to work in Midtown again because I had way better choices and I paid much less for my lunches than I do now.

  • Please stop with the emails!

    I am NOT “rocky!”

  • The Hater that wrote that comment is clearly suffering form ML withdrawal and Jealousy – the only reason someone would write such a childish email is because they HATE jersey but need to make others feel better about themselves.
    Im a downtown luncher but I love ML! Its a great read and I’ve even hopped on a train from Chinatown to try a ML pick!
    So there!

  • People. There is no reason for this battle. Both are awesome.

    To trash lunch options in Manhattan is just retarded.

    But if you’re trashing Jersey, you probably have no idea what you’re talking about. Spend a week lunching in the Ironbound in Newark (cheap-ass, plentiful, delicious brazilian & portuguese), or Bergenline in Union City (cuban sandwiches that would make even Margon blush, and totally sick Peruvian BBQ). Throw in the fact that Jersey italian delis ARE superior, on average, to Manhattan delis, and it’s just plain science: Jersey can represent.

    I’m not saying I’d ever fucking move there for food. Or any other reason. But if you find yourself lunching there every so often, consider yourself lucky.

  • This is coming from someone that works in the state that has some of the worst water and is the smelliest of all tri-state area? I have no doubt that there may be some things that might be better, but overall, as others have noted that the great thing about being in Midtown is the easy access to food and even other areas in the city. I don’t have to take a car as things are walking distance.

    This author of that is simply trying to make the best of their crappy situation by insulting the site/community that is here. Also, w/a name/alias such as ‘Rocky’ you know that it belongs to someone who is a douchebag.

    …Or a troll.

  • @Ben Ben: I second that Hoagie Haven thought!

  • NJ is the American Essex?……jesus how far down the evolutionary chain does that put Arkansas and texas?…….Alabama must be a primeordial soup.

  • No no, Rudy – NJ is more like the American Blackpool

  • Ewww blackpool ,full of pissed up jocks….but great fish and chips.

    Always a trade off.

  • A big fat WORD to the original poster.
    1. Anyone who things Hoboken is the best thing in jersey deserves to get stranded in the Hudson. I live 5 minutes from the ‘boken and my rent, groceries, and parking tickets are a 1/3 they would be if i went to the other side of the aquaduct. Why is it so expensive there? Ex-New Yorkers who don’t realize they’re getting ripped off.
    2. The only people who say or write”Joisy” those that think a 35 year old Joe Piscopo sketch is still funny. I’ve met Jersey Joe. He doesn’t even laugh at it anymore.

    Even with the $10 limit a lot of the food on here is too expensive when I know I can walk to the corner of my block and get a 1/2 pollo a la braza with potato & salad and a handmade empanada for $4.25.
    I’m forcefeeding a Walgreens burger to the next person who asks “What exit off the parkway?”

  • @Rocky, no reason to go thermonuclear on Zach, he’s doing the rest of us a great service with the site.

    @BenBen, good job giving props to the grease trucks! I’d love to see some cart in midtown start shilling Fat Darrels, Fat Elvis’s, etc. Hoagie Heaven is rock solid but I have to give a shout out to Lee’s Hoagies just for their chicken cheesesteak.

  • First of all, just TRY to get a good chicken & rice platter with white sauce & hot sauce in NJ. Can’t be done. It’s one of those midtown things you take for granted until you get out of the city and can’t find it anywhere.

    Now, to the commenter who can’t find good Chinese in NJ, you need to try Petite Soo Chow in Cliffside Park. The owners used to run a place in NYC Chinatown, and the one in NJ is comparable to those in NYC. Always packed with Chinese patrons who drive in from other Jersey towns, it’s known for its soup dumplings, and is pretty cheap.

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