A New Low: Lunch in Midtown is Worse Than Jersey

“I have been reading your blog for a few years while working in midtown. The reason for your blog is justifiable since the food is so average at best and the pricing is just hilarious. Now that I am working in Jersey and eating great food again from real italian delis, crazy authentic korean restaurants, thai, getting real bagels for breakfast, etc i am going to stop reading your blog as it serves no purpose for me anymore accept to feel bad that you still have to resort to eating stuff like the above sandwiches for $10. It’s kind of pathetic. Brown bag it dude. Not to mention the cockroaches and rats in all of those establishments. -rocky”

That… uh… makes me feel really shitty. Wait! You know what… I’m not going to let this “rocky” get me down. FUCK… YOU… GUY. Let’s get one thing straight: Midtown lunching is like a family. It’s perfectly ok to bad mouth it (or call it a food wasteland), if you’re related by blood (or lunchtime misery.) You, however, now work in Jersey… so keep your damn opinions (and your “real Italian delis” and “crazy authentic restaurants”) to yourself!


  • Also.. Its jersey man.. jersey.

    Listen to your goddamn BonJovi and bite me!

  • it’s great not having to drive on your lunch break. just walk around, take in the city, get something good to eat.

    seriously, i gotta defend the food. it’s pretty tasty, i don’t know what people are talking about.

  • Unless you are living and working in Hoboken, your options suck bro…I know it’s hard to admit NJ food sucks balls, but being a shameful former native, having lived all over the state, I know this to be true. Yes, there is a silver lining in every shit town, but yoiu can’t eat any one type of food every day—at least most normal people can’t. And I know for a fact that no town boasts more than 1 outstanding outpost for lunch or anything else, other than hoboken…

  • …Jersey? You mean armpit of the north east?
    think about it for a second…

    and oh yea we SO envy them for their real Italian and CRAZY AUTHENTIC KOREAN FOOD….

    I don’t know about you buddy, but mid-town has some “CRAZY AUTHENTIC KOREAN FOOD”

  • eh, whatever. while i love jersey and he has a point about it being cheaper, it’s not your fault that food in manhattan is expensive. you just tell us what’s good from what’s available.

  • As a Midtown Luncher who hails from Jersey, I do miss the italian delis the most. Bagels and pizza are both way better in NJ too in my opinion. However, I don’t choose my job based on what’s available for lunch. I work in Midtown so I eat what’s around me and thanks to this blog, I’ve found so many great things — German cart, kofta, Halal carts in general, the Alambre, etc. I’ll certainly miss this stuff when I’m no longer working in NYC.

  • Jersey may have Midtown beat for italian deli’s and bagels….

    But Midtown has Jersey beat for Pizza. I don’t see where thats coming from.

    That and, oh, like, everything else.

  • I don’t think it’s a fair fight – he’s basically putting an entire state up against our little piece of NYC. Okay, so maybe Jersey has better food than a few square blocks, but if you want to put NYC up against Jersey, there’s no comparison. I can get a great bagel on my way to work – at home in Queens. I can also get food that is cheaper than midtown. We’re only stuck here for lunch, the rest of the time we have great options.

    And I too would much rather be able to walk around than be stuck in a car (although, I wouldn’t mind a few less tourists).

  • Who is this Jersey joker?!?!

  • One great thing about working in Times Square (yes, there is a silver lining) is that you can hop on the train and go get delicious authentic food any time you want. Chinatown, Ktown, Little Italy, and Curry Hill are all 10-15 minutes away. Not the case in NJ where you have to drive 30 minutes to go anywhere. And as for Chinese, haven’t had good Chinese once in NJ, ever. As for Midtown itself, NJ doesn’t have the diversity of carts we have here. Sorry Rocky, but NJ just can’t compare to NY. Not even close.

  • Dude, the food in Jersey City sucks balls. I WISH I still worked in Midtown.

  • Italian deli==you kidding. Um, Milano deli on 34th is as good as anything in Hoboken or anywhere else in Jersey!! Likewise, Delfontes on 21st and 3rd (Even if not in midtown lunch range, it is in the city)….kicks the shit out of 99 percent of Jersey delis, or delis anywhere for that matter!!! Bagels–you got Essa or any of the other bagel shops–don’t even try to tell me your strip mall bagel counter is better. Please—put down the exhaust pipe anonymous jackass….

  • I must say the korean food is def better in NJ no doubt.

  • @mamacita – that attack on bon jovi is completely uncalled for. as for craptastic jersey, why are we even dignifying these silly claims with an actual discussion?

  • I used to work in NJ and now I work in Midtown. Although there was one authentic Italian deli nearby, it was by no means cheap. They imported all their meats and cheeses. Meaning the sandwiches easily started at $10. That’s similar to Midtown prices. Also, how can you get more authentic than K-Town? Unless you work in Fort Lee…maybe you have a chance. Only Maybe. I want to know who this person is and what their idea of authentic food is. Especially his idea of authentic Asian food. He/she sounds pretty ignorant to me.

  • Hey Moron:

    I will possibly accept the idea that some things are better in Jersey when you learn the difference between ACCEPT and EXCEPT. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME WORD.

    Yours in Grammarville,

  • WOW!

    What an enlightening comment: “Lunch in Midtown . . .”

    But as one who is forced to pass through both ‘Midtown’, as well as ‘New Joisy’, more often than I would like to admit — I would have to disagree!

    NOTHING on God’s (if she really exists) green Earth, is WORSE than New Joisy. NOTHING!

  • Food selection is far better here, PLUS you can just drink your lunch and not worry about driving back to the office! As far as cost, well, this is an exotic little island off the coast of the US with no natural resources other than creativity. So it’s going to cost a wee bit more.

  • Tanman,

    Shot through the heart and you’re to blame, baby, you give love a bad name!!

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