Which Little Italy Pizza is the Best?

Photo by Ultraclay dot com

In Midtown it looks like “Little Italy Pizza” is becoming the new “Famous Ray’s”. I’ve written about the Little Italy Pizza on 45th btw. 5+6th, and then there is the arguably more famous Little Italy Pizza on 43rd btw. Mad+5th (which lost out to Two Boots by a narrow margin for best pizza in the 2007 Readers’ Poll.) But did you know there is actually a 3rd (Famous) Little Italy Pizza! Ultraclay has the report about this pizza place on 5th Ave. btw. 32+33rd, and from the looks of the pizza, and the comments on Yelp- this looks like it could be a new contender for best fast food pizza in Midtown.

The pizza porn is after the jump…

Photo by Ultraclay dot com

Anybody been? Or, better yet, have you been to all three and have a opinion which is the best? Put it in the comments below…

Little Italy Pizza, 333 5th Ave. (btw 32+33rd St), 212-481-5200


  • Seriously some of the best pizza ever! (well, in NYC anyway).
    they don’t kid around here…it’s not designer, it’s not chic… it is just a damn good slice a pie.

    good size slice to be able to do the “near-fold-in-half-and-eat” method…and just good

  • 3.50 a slice? That’s a bit out of control… Better to wait for 1.90 for a naples slice after 2pm.

  • $3.50??

    What a rip-off! Only places as good as Artichoke should be charging that much.

  • I used to order from this place pretty frequently (then changed jobs to a place outside their delivery range). Their plain slice is OK, but a Fresh Mozz pie with Sausage from this place is by FAR the best Pizza in midtown.

    I’ve had pies ordered from the one on 43rd…better than average, but nothing special. Same goes for slices from the one on 45th. You can get as good a slice (or better) from Tuscany, along with a much better meatball parm.

  • The sign looks like it says “2 slices and fountain soda for $5″ thats not a terrible deal.

  • 5th & 33 has the best slice in the city. I moved to the city 4 years ago, they were on the corner then, (since moved next door) – thought it was the best then, and still do. something about the ratio of sauce vs. cheese and the cornmeal on the bottom that i love. if you don’t like a lot of sauce on your slice, you may not love this…but i do!!

  • BenBen…I didn’t see that sign…$5 for 2 slices and a soda is a great deal. Assuming it’s a decent slice of course, which is what people are saying.

  • The plain slices are good and the special is a well priced for the last days before the paycheck. But, it’s not nearly as noteworthy as the fresh mozz.

  • Litte Italy Pizza on 33rd and 5th rules! The Magarhita Pizza
    is something special. – The crust is nice and crisp and the fresh mozzarella, basil and gravy is delicious.

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