Is The Double Burger A New Trend?

New York Magazine singles out the double burger as a “trend” in their latest issue.  While Five Guys (on 55th btw. 5+6th) is a legitimate entry (their regular burger is a double), the inclusion of City Burger (on 39th & B’way) is kind of a reach.  I don’t know anybody who would order a double at that place (and even NYMag admits that the patties are too thick for that treatment.)  Plus saying “not since the advent of Bob’s Big Boy in 1937 (and its copycat Big Mac in 1968) has the double burger been so popular” omits a pretty popular burger known as the In N Out Double Double (which you could argue was inspiration for Five Guys.) The whole piece seems like a stretch to me, but I’m not against looking at some nice double burger porn.  [NYM]


  • It’s not that Doug, it’s that for the price they charge they only provide freezer bought crinkle fries. And a small portion at that. It’s a very cheap product that has little to no preparation effort and for the quality of their burgers I would expect more from them.

  • I’m no food snob. But the fact is that Shake Shack could expend even the slightest bit of effort and have better fries, but for some strange reason they won’t.

    I think it’s just stubbornness now. After hearing about their fries for so long from people like the AHT crew, they’re just serving crappy fries because they can and they don’t have to improve. They designed a whole new place and could have made room for some better fry process, but didn’t.

    Normally I don’t think I care that much. But last time I was there I really noticed the fries and how bad they were. The batch I was served had a real noticeable frozen fry, crappy taste.

    Here’s my bet on when they decide to improve their fries: When the Shake Shack mania has truly diminished and they need to increase revenues.

    All the Shake Sack owners and chefs will look up and shout “Save us!…come back to the Shack and try our new fresh hand cut fries! … and I’ll look down and whisper “No.”

  • @MikeNYC – I don’t think it’s because their stubborn. It’s pure economics. They are making money hand over fist because most people order the fries anyway. Why spend the extra money to get real potatoes?

  • Who the fuck cares … it’s like an argument over whether Peter Lugers fries are any good… Shack fries suck, you know they suck, so stop whinging & wasting valuable stomach space when you got top class burgers and custard shakes

  • Chip’s , they’re called chips and 5 Guys does the best.

    In the colonies.

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