Is The Double Burger A New Trend?

New York Magazine singles out the double burger as a “trend” in their latest issue.  While Five Guys (on 55th btw. 5+6th) is a legitimate entry (their regular burger is a double), the inclusion of City Burger (on 39th & B’way) is kind of a reach.  I don’t know anybody who would order a double at that place (and even NYMag admits that the patties are too thick for that treatment.)  Plus saying “not since the advent of Bob’s Big Boy in 1937 (and its copycat Big Mac in 1968) has the double burger been so popular” omits a pretty popular burger known as the In N Out Double Double (which you could argue was inspiration for Five Guys.) The whole piece seems like a stretch to me, but I’m not against looking at some nice double burger porn.  [NYM]


  • New York Ragazine has only one rival in irrelevant, made-up and idiotic food reporting

    That of course is the Gay Superman blog

  • Zach, both my palette and business sense cannot suffer any company that refuses to cook anything but well done burgers. I am DOUBLY offended by their bogus marketing doublespeak shtick “juicy and well done”. Perhaps if these morons spent more time ensuring the quality of their meat from farm to bun they would not have to defile each patty for safety’s sake.

  • City Burger is way over-priced and just tastes plain weird. Over $12 for a single patty and $20 for a double! They must have a great lease on their space b/c I don’t see how the joint can survive. People may visit to try once, but I don’t see how anyone with a discerning palate would go back.

  • In n Out is the King of all double doubles. Period.

  • Wayne.

    Mama/Ana and cheese whiz.

    I’ll leave the rest to you.

  • I usually don’t need 4 buns with my two meat patties but in this case I’ll make an exception

    I can only offer one pickle but no problem doubling up on the special sauce

  • ewwwwwwwwww!

  • Hey rare,

    I’ll see you soon.


  • Wayne: Why the hate? NYCFG writes up some decent reviews, and they are real.

    RB: FYI, it’s “palate.”

    MamaC: I think the Shack double is definitely in the same category as In-n-Out. And the Shack is much more accessible to me. (OTOH, Blue 9 is pretty weak.)

  • Yeah the Shack double is pretty darn good, especially late at night when you need a grease bomb. The last bites are always soggy with meat grease… YUMM-O!!! ;-)

    But why the frozen fries?? Those crinkle cut fries scream “in you freezer section”
    I’d much rather pay for hand cut fries. It’s a shame, because I LOVE my spuds!!

  • I’m not a big fry fan (*gasp*!), so you can always have mine.

    One thing I do love at the Shack is the Stack, with that delicious cheese-stuffed fried portabella ‘shroom wedged between the two juicy beef patties. They don’t have that at In-n-Out!

  • Oh damn, I’ve never had that!!! mummmm must try that out soon!

  • It’s as good as it sounds, and might help make up for their lack of top-notch fries.

  • @RB – I’ve heard that complaint about Five Guys before, and I completely agree with you- with burger places that serve thick patties. But Five Guys serves thin patties, which can’t be cooked any other way but well done.

    Do you hate In N Out Burger as well? Because their burgers are also always cooked well done… of course they’re not stupid enough to hang a sign up that calls attention to it.

  • Why is it that Shake Shack has such horrible fries?

    Not only are they bad, but they give you so few for the price.

  • I REALLY love reading about New Yawk City people who survive on hotdogs, pizza, hamburgers, and chinese ‘takeout’ (probably the worst, the unhealthiest, and the most polluted, nastiest of all).

    But if you New Yawkas insist upon making burgers your primary food source, why do you not learn how to cook a good burger at home: consisting of South Dakota ground bison, a slice of Cabot cheddar cheese, a slice of fresh U.S. -grown red onion, a slice or two of good Southen’ Petit Jean bacon, on a freshly baked, toasted potato hamburger bun?

  • “Gay Superman blog”
    Ha! I forgot that guy is also a food blogger. Someone pointed out they knew that kid as Larry from Greatneck, and now he’s “NYC Food Guy”. I’d imagine he’s having a hard time selling that persona..

  • digger, read it for a week and come back here … i’ll have a gay superman effigy ready for you to torch

    he gives a bad name to gay supermen everywhere

  • had a burger from Rare this weekend. Waaay expensive for a burger but well worth it.

  • Why all the Shake Shack fry hate. They’re delicious. Stop being food snobs. You read midtown lunch and eat from street carts. Embrace it.

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