L.A. Kogi Korean Taco Truck in NYC By Next Year

If you follow the street food scene outside of NYC you have undoubtedly heard about Kogi, the Korean BBQ taco truck in Los Angeles. (That’s right… Korean BBQ, in taco form.)  I tried (unsuccessfully) to check it out last Monday when I was in L.A. (they were closed because of rain.) I was pretty bummed. Well, great news today in the WSJ’s article about the truck: “Chef Roy Choi says he hopes Kogi will be in New York by 2010.” We already have a bulgogi cart in Midtown (on 49th btw. 6+7th), but it’s just average… and this truck looks like they’re taking deliciousness to a whole ‘nother level.

Photo courtesy of kogibbq.com


  • I was going to move out of NYC end-of-year, but no more. My life has new meaning.

  • hells yes!

  • It’s well regarded, but supposedly rife w/ hipsters.

  • How bizarre, I just read about this in newsweek yesterday and thought of ML!

  • a midtown location should dispose of the hipsters nicely, preferably on Park

  • Zach, Scooped by Newsweek

    Oh the shame

  • Zach wasn’t scooped by Newsweek, because Newsweek said nothing about the relevance of Korean tacos to NYC. If Zach was scooped by anyone, it would be the WSJ, although I’m puzzled over why it would be shameful to re-report an interesting tidbit from the WSJ.

  • Dan L – you forgot ‘esteemed’

    Whenever you mention the WSJ, always write ‘esteemed’ before it.

    It’s one of the only papers left that doesn’t belong on a cardboard roll

  • Unless they also transport their cooks, I doubt it will live up to it’s counterpart.

  • Welcome back M

    Now, where the hell is Rudy?

  • Unless they serve their toothsome kimchi tacos, we will not be patronizing them.

  • Nice.. I can’t wait to give it a try.
    But seriously, what’s next… bulgogi pita wraps? kimchi calzones?

  • @Malcolm, you must be on to something about the bulgolgi.

    I was at a football tailgate a few years ago and the Korean grillmaster that day was serving up bulgogi on pitas topped with fresh minced up grilled garlic cloves, that red pepper sauce and romaine lettuce.

  • seriously the best news of the week (besides Popeye’s being open again in midtown)

    This stuff is awesome!

  • @DubbinBklyn :

    “hipsters”…yeah…i agree…but then again, there are too mnay “hipsters” in New York now… or “wannabe’s” anyway… let’s all go by designer clothes that look like crap so we can wear the uniform of the hipster… and really… men::::: stop wearing skinny jeans.

  • Everyone under 30 in NYC and LA looks like a hipster. How you can tell?

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