Crisp Enters Sandwich Challenge With Indian Falafel

Crisp, the unconventional falafel place on 3rd Ave. btw. 43+44th, sends word that their Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge entry is now available“The Taj: Falafel, patadun (sic), mango chutney, lime chili pickles, greens, cherry tomatoes, and a cold curry sauce.” (I’m guessing they mean poppadums.) If it’s as good as their Mexican falafel, or that “exotic” falafel with pineapple, we may be in for a treat!


  • Tastes good but I think red onions was a killer addition, waaaaaay too expensive —
    Use this coupon for a BOGO from 3 PM to closing:

  • How much?

  • double fisting falafel.. what a great idea.

  • Darn…I would have been all over this….

    I was just headed for a walk down to Crisp and ended up stopping first to get some apple cider donuts out of a giant tupperware – 3 for $2.00 at 47th and 2nd (The bag is totally grease soaked now that I am back at my office, so they must be good).

    I then saw the Kiwk-Express (or whatever it’s called) cart on 45th and bought lamb and rice. I’ve never been to any of the Kwik carts. The first thing I noticed is that it must be the cleanest cart that I’ve ever bought food from.

    The guy there today said that it was his first day at the cart.

    Unlike other carts, the lamb is real chuncks of lamb and not the gyro stuff. It’s tasty and wasn’t (as someone mentioned a while back) chewy, although I did have one sketchy piece.

    However, that green sauce is burning hot. I’m undecided as to whether or not I like it. I like heat, but I’m sitting here sweating. I really can’t taste the flavor of the meat. To each his own.

    There’s actually a little sign for the cook (chef) near the cooktop to taste the food before serving it. I’m not sure if it was always there, or something more recent.

    Anyway, just thought I’d give a report.

    Crisp tomorrow.

  • Currently eating the Taj at my desk. I really admire the creativity that went into this and would get it again in a heart beat. Perfect balance of spiciness and sweetness. My only complaint, which is true to every Crisp sandwich, is that not every bite has each ingredient in it. I also have to give some props to their soups which are only like $2 more with a sandwich meaning that with the right sandwich the combo falls under $10. The cream of zucchini was amazing and i’m pretty sure it was vegan. And I do not use “amazing” and “vegan” together in sentences ever.

  • Almost forgot: the coupons that midtownlunch so graciously pointed me too are still valid until the end of the month. So if you’re going after 3:00 you might as well double your order.

  • make sure you know what to order, nobody knew what midtown lunch was. So much for cross-promotion…

    I got the mex and it is fantastic.

  • I tried it today. The Falafel itself is very good. Very fresh, and perfectly seasoned. I loved the falafel. Other than that, I doubt I’d go back. They should change the name to Cramped, because the place is small and crowded. They also charge $3 for a Minute Maid “juice beverage.” What a rip off.

  • @Jake, I had the same experience. I asked for the “Midtown Lunch Special.” The girl had no idea what I was talking about. I then asked her if there was some special sandwich. She said “The Taj” and I said yes.

    They don’t have any of the pretty yellow ML signs up. The have the sandwich come up on one of the TV screens. There’s a very faded line of text towards the top that says “Midtown Lunch Special.”

  • @Harry. Yeah, I asked the Manager after I had ordered and he explained to me and even offered to switch the sandwich out, but I had wanted to try the Mexican anyhow. sounds like I might have done better with the mex… :) which was really impressive.

    I got it to go, because the dining room was no fun. And i would get a drink at a deli on the way back to the office.

    I passed 99 cent fresh pizza on the way back, forgot that place exists… awesome.

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