Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge: State of the Union

Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge

So, we’re a month and a half into the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge, and I thought it would be a good time to give a quick update on where we are. Most of the sandwiches being offered, which are all listed on the bottom of the Sandwich Challenge page, are still around… but there have been a few changes:

  • I stopped by the Sophie’s Cuban on 3rd Avenue (btw. 49+50th, in the Crystal Pavillion Food Court) and they are no longer advertising the sandwich, but will make it for you if you ask for it. They plan on adding it to the permanent menu in the near future.
  • FreeFoods NYC’s Duck Pastrami Reuben was supposed to just be for the month of February but it’s been so popular they’ve extended it indefinitely. Also, you guys inspired them to recreate their “sandwich area with some meatier options, for example, (Barbecued Pork, Smoked Tomato, Pickled Lime, Chipotle Cilantro Dressing).” Nicely done Midtown Lunchers.
  • Certe retired its Feb sandwich (the Thanksgiving Dip) and introduced a March sandwich called “The Bayou”.  A review of that is coming tomorrow… and the Thanksgiving Dip is still available on Thursdays as a special.

The big question remains… where will the next big sandwich come from?  Well, there are a few in the works… including something called “The Taj” from Crisp, a chicken surprise from Boi Sandwich, a hero involving garlic bread from the Papa Perrone Truck, and maybe even a special sandwich from Nino’s.

Also, I’m hearing that the recently opened, out of bounds, Manchester Pub (on 2nd Ave. btw. 48+49th) is serving a “Midtown Lunch Special” of their own:  pork tenderloin sandwich with carmelized apples and battered onions.  Hello!  I might have to trek the extra avenue east to check that out.  Anybody been to this place?

So there you have it.  The ML Sandwich Challenge continues on… got a favorite sandwich place you think should be participating?  Feel free to print out the original post, and convince them to enter.  As far as I’m concerned, there can never be enough of these sandwiches…


  • Is the Manchester Pub pork sandwich under $10???

  • @DDR – It’s listed at $10 on the menu, but I was told all sandwiches are $2 off at lunchtime… making it $8.

  • Manchester Pub’s sweet potato fries (served with maple syrup!) are absolutely incredible, however everything is deep fried, and the amount of grease (even on a grilled chicken sandwich!) was enough to make my entire team sick the next day at work.

    Their beer selection used to be excellent until they came under new management (within the past month or two). Now their draft selection leaves something to be desired….

  • Just finished a Bayou sandwich delivered to my desk in 10 minutes from Certe, two blocks away. It was awesome: generous amount of catfish, cooked just right and piquant with blackening spices. The bread was toasted, but not burned and still a bit crispy. Sauce, lettuce and corn rounded out the sandwich, which was still warm when it arrived. Served with a tiny container of slaw, made with red cabbage. Highly recommended. Sorry, no camera for food porn, but I am sure your reviewer will provide some high-quality photos.

  • giorgios of gramercy?

  • I have been ordering the Pernil with a twist from Tina’s on 56 in between 5th and 6th aves. You have to order the Pernil sandwich, add the plantains (it’s an option on there) and then ask in the special instructions for the green sauce. (it’s such good sauce too…. i could eat it on anything!) I think it’s 2 dollars more than the advertised at Sophie’s 6 dollars, but it’s still an extremely good sandwich. AND I DON’T EVEN LIKE CUBAN SANDWICHES THAT MUCH! So this is number 1, and the Duck Reuben is a close #2.

  • Any interest in doing a Downtown Lunch sandwich contest…? I would gladly help spread the word… and sample sandwiches (post-tax day)… You seen to have a LOT of DL readers :)

  • Just had Manchester’s Pork Sandwich, and its excellent! It comes in two rolls, which is a nice touch. Had it with the sweet potato fries, which were delicious.

  • I don’t think Sophie’s is serving the Pernil with a Twist anymore. I didn’t ask for it but the sign wasn’t there. (50th and 3rd)

    I did get to try their fish sandwich though (no onions). I also asked him to tuck in some plantains and he didn’t even think twice about it. Awesome.

    Sweet and fishy. And two tubs of green nom sauce.

  • um. re: that “sophies isn’t serving the pernil with a twist anymore comment…” oops? i can’t read. :X

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