Cucina & Co. Joins the Sandwich Challenge


Rumor confirmed: the Cucina & Co. on 45th btw. Park+Madison (in the same building as Naples 45) has entered the Midtown Lunch sandwich challenge. It’s not entirely clear if this sandwich is available for takeout in the fast food section, but it is on the menu in the cafe section. “Brisket of beef, sauteed onions, guacamole, jack cheese wrapped in flour tortilla.” A brisket buritto!? That could be interesting…


  • How long before other NY foodie sites try and jump on Zach’s idea?

    Well done.

  • Clearly, Zach is a trend setter, which is why we all visit here religiously!

  • oh my, that sounds the business..

  • bleh…ive had their brisket…its too chewy.

  • mmm chewy brisket! yay teeth!

  • Oh, is this the same cucina that has places on 56th and in the citibank building? I hope so.

  • can someone confirm this is available to go? because it is BS if it is not.

  • 5.95 to go!

  • max, do NOT toy with our emotions like that

    you better be serious

  • Yes, it’s really available…I had it yesterday and it’s delicious

  • So — it’s $8.95 in the café, but only $5.95 to go from the To Go portion of Cucina and Co.

    Now — this means the sandwich is not “fresh made”, but it is pretty frickin large for 6 bucks. Roast beef like brisket (yes a tad chewy), with jack cheese, guac, some sort of spicy rub, lettuce (unnecessary), & sauteed/carmelized onions on a charred flour wrap. It’s pretty good.

    Plus I added a cookie for me and the boss since the price was so nice.

    Obligatory shitty cellphone pic with pencil for size reference:

  • Looks pretty “polite”

    Mamacita’s had bigger bartenders than that

  • Dude, the to go people just told me thy don’t know anything about it? wtf

  • We went around noon, and they told us that it wouldn’t be ready until after 1pm. If it’s after 1, it doesn’t seem much of a lunch special.

  • I tried this today. The wrap was good. The feeling of the place I got wasn’t. I went there around 1:30. They had a prominent sign for the wrap in the sandwich section. I asked the woman for the sandwich. It was sitting on a tray just behind the glass. She put it in a container and I was on my way. She didn’t heat it which surprised me.

    The wrap itself was very good. It has a bunch of my favorite foods in it. Guac, sauteed onions, steak, and cheese. It was tasty, though the lack of heat made it seem slightly less than fresh. I think there is something lost in the fact that it isn’t assembled on the spot. Aside from that, it was good and I’m happy I try it.

    I have to say that I doubt I’d visit Cucina again unless I had to. It’s basically a generic deli with no seating. They sell a large bag of M&M’s for $5.99. That’s a total rip off. It’s not so bad if you work in the met life building, but there are better spots if you’re going to go out for lunch.

  • Wait, it’s only available after 1pm? Can someone confirm this? I don’t want to head all the way over there to get a bait and switch.

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