Everybody Is Having Trouble With Quiznos Free Sub Promotion…And Now It’s Over

So it looks like you guys weren’t the only ones having trouble redeeming the free “one million sub” coupons at Quiznos.  This guy claims to have gotten his free sub on 34th St. in Midtown, but Consumerist has posted tons of complaints- including photos of “We Are No Longer Accepting the Coupon” signs, just like those described by ML commenters. And, of course, now they’re claiming that all one million subs have been given away, so the whole thing is over. Awesome. Great job Quiznos. (Worst… promotion… ever.)


  • I concur. After this one, I won’t be stepping foot in a Quiznos ever again.

  • F**K Quiznos! I signed up on Monday and they didn’t even bother to send me my coupon! What A-holeS! I’d only been there once before, about 5 or 6 yrs ago, and after paying 13 bucks for a large sub, realized that this was out of the Goat’s price range (since there was no ML to reign me in)….

  • What? You mean you guys didn’t print out the coupon to PDF and then print out a dozen of them?

    I ate free* for 3 days. I mean, it was quiznos, so I didn’t eat good.. but free trumps good in this economy!

    * But I cheated, I went to my quiznos in Jersey.

  • forget free, you couldn’t pay me to eat at one of these

  • Dan, I tried that at the 34th/8th location, but the guy was actually checking coupons against a list they had printed…bastards.

  • I am going to hit the 34th street location. I followed some links from here to consumerist to slickdeals and found a different perspective from a former franchisee, which may shed some light on the reason the franchises will not honor the coupons. I still think they are really wrong, but maybe feel a bit more sympathetic to them now.


  • Update: I just got a really nice response from the manager at 80 Broad downtown. He apologized for the coupon disaster and offered me a free combo next time I come in.

    Also, I FINALLY got my coupon that was supposed to be emailed last week in my email today, so anyone who didn’t get the coupon after registering might want to check.

    In my complaint to corporate, I noted that I was a long time good customer of quiznos but also included the link to the discussion here, the power of ML cannot be denied.

    Now, if only we could get a Downtown Lunch challenge going here!!!!

  • Just got denied at W 34th St. location. I saw that other dude’s post that it worked for him there, so thought i’d be ok. Turns out they now have a sign saying only coupons with certain ZIP codes (5 of them) would be accepted. Mine wasn’t one of them. i tried anyway, then asked how those were selected. The playa jockeying the cash register told me with a smirk that they were random. Kind of funny that 10001 (the ZIP of the restaurant) would be one of the “random” ones, eh? The manager then looked like he wanted to fight me when i asked for his name so i could log a complaint. Hadn’t been to Quizno’s for a while, and definitely not going back now.
    There shouldn’t be one success story for every five occurrances like this one. Fuck these assholes.
    Store owner is Michael Im, phone number 212-736-4400 or 516-313-4714 (C), email is michael34@gmail.com, if anyone had a similar problem at this location and didn’t get that info.

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