Free Sub Alert (is complete BS… or is it?)

I can’t stand Quizno’s, but you know how I feel about free food, so if you’re into it they’re giving away free subs on their website. Freeloaders engage! (And thanks to Lunch’er Jesse for the tip.) UPDATE: According to a commenter, NYC Quiznos are not accepting these coupons. What a load of horseshit.  UPDATE #2: Two others have claimed that it works.  One on Wall Street, and another who used it in Grand Central. If you try to use it, let us know what happens.


  • One of my co-workers tried to redeem their free sub coupon and was told that none of the NYC quiznos are participating.

  • According to a friend of mine, he used the coupon twice on the same day and it worked. He works in the Wall st. area.

  • I tried to get it, but they never emailed it to me! They lied!

  • My coworker used the coupon yesterday in the Quiznos in Grand Central.

  • What Q’nos in Grand Central? I used it yesterday on 34th street no problem; a co-worker used one today at the same location. Anyone tried 5th/38th?

  • They aren’t accepting it at 38th and 5th location.

  • I used it downtown no problem. they asked me for ID though.

  • Yeah… what Quizno’s in Grand Central? I visit that food concourse fairly frequently and haven’t seen one yet.

  • 38th and 5th are totally bailing. They have a sign on the door saying they won’t accept any coupons…

    I say boycott!

  • the one at 50th and 3rd is doing 20% off with the coupon. i tried grand central for a hail mary, but i couldn’t find one there. there’s no listing on the website for one, either.

  • I just came from the Quiznos at 80 Broad Street. This store has signs all over that they are not accepting the Million Sub coupon between 11 am – 3 pm, or 6 pm – 8 pm.

    Why should I be surprised to find a submarine clause from a sub shop?

    I LOVE Quiznos, and clearly the franchise can make their own decision on how they implement programs from corporate, but this just isn’t right. Also had problems getting the coupons via email, finally had to sign up from my work email. Can it be, this is just for *new* email accounts?

  • Quizno’s at 80 broad is now NO LONGER accepting the coupons. They changed the signs today. I complained and got one anyway (I was there at 10:30am because of yesterday’s signs) but the manager rejected the next person who tried.

  • has anyone used it at east 56th? was going to stop by today but don’t feel like taking the trip if it’s not working; would also feel too pathetic calling them on the phone and asking though.

  • Thanks Harry! I have been waiting ALL DAY for 3 pm to eat so I can get my free sandwich and now I know it was all for nothing. I am going to complain to Quiznos corporate. I hate to do it, but this is just so wrong. I have brought many, many coworkers and friends to Quiznos at that very location but the Quiznos at 80 Broad just gives us the shaft anyway. Off to Cosi where they treat me like they actually value my business and I have a $2 off coupon to boot.

  • Cosi at 50th and 3rd was trying classic bait-and-switch: they wouldn’t give you a free sub but would take 20% off. Reported them to the corporate office for suspected coupon fraud.

  • If anyone wants to complain, go here, find your store, click the link under “Contact Us”

  • Had the same experience at the 50th & 3rd location. What annoys me about this and other chain corporate promotions is the fact that while there are strict rules they have for franchisees to follow regarding menu items, preparation methods etc, when it comes to promotions they always give you the old, “it’s up to each individual franchisee to decide whether they want to participate. There’s nothing we can do.” How does that work? You have control over a large portion of all the aspects of how franchisees operate however when it comes to promotions you’re now somehow powerless to compel them to comply with the corporation’s promos and can take no action against them? I’ve never understood this.

  • I complained. Maybe if enough people do it, something will come of it…

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