Now This is Something You Can Dare Me To Eat

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Forget about vacuum packed sandwiches made in Massachusetts and shipped to Walgreens… this is what I’m talking about! From an Egyptian cart called the “Charcoal Grill” on 55th btw. Mad+5th, which also has “Egyptian sausages” (whatever that means.) Anybody sampled the liver sandwich from this cart yet?


  • A long, long time ago, maybe decades or so, several old dudes in powdered wigs, buckled-shoes and white knee-highs got together and pronounced our inalienable rights to life, liberty AND the pursuit of happiness.

    You know what would make me happy? Zach eating a damn Walgreen sandwich.

    In the alternative, eat the beef liver.

    Time to man up.

  • It would be the equivalent of having the Duck at a diner. How much turnover could there possibly be for that?

  • The rest of that cart’s stuff is legit–I say go for it.

  • Nothing can truly compensate for the epic Walgreens fail of ’09, but eating this liver sandwich would go a long way in restoring our faith.

  • how about a walgreen’s liver sandwich?

    umphg.. i think i threw up in my mouth a little…

  • Theres a great sicilian sandwhich called Vastede. You can get them at those foccaria’s in brooklyn (anywhere they serve panelle or tripe).

    Vastede is cow spleen sliced very very thin and then grilled. The flavor is masked with cheese and whatnot, but its good (albeit, gamy).

    That said, I’d have vastede from a foccaria, but I’m wary about liver from a cart. It can’t be a big mover…

  • I’m with ben on this. Fat man… restore our confidence in you.

  • Do it! Do it!

  • Zach, I’m sorry, but it is not a dare if you volunteer!

  • My wife likes beef liver, but I prefer Peruvian beef hearts (anticuchos), so you’re on your own about the liver sandwich. However, Egyptian and Syrian sausages are spicy (lamb or beef) and great if the fat is grilled out of them (not all of it), so thanks for the scouting report, I will be making the trek to 55th.

  • I like how they advertise it twice right next to each other. I’d eat this if they put Sophie’s green sauce on it.

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