Been Caught Shilling: Et Tu Kwik Meal?

New Kwik Meal Cart Opens in Midtown East

It’s no surprise when sucky restaurants shill, after all- if you won’t say good things about your crappy establishment, than who will?  But it *is* surprising when beloved, popular places post fake comments… which is what seems to be the case with the Quick Delight cart (on 3rd Ave. and 45th), the brand new offshoot from the owners of the famous Kwik Meal cart on 45th & 6th. These three comments were posted last night from the same computer within minutes of each other (under different names):

“It’’s been about one month since the grand opening of the quick delight, and although the “famous” lamb pita has been degraded, I have tried the same very lamb better at the 6th ave cart and witnessed it’s glory and wondered why commentors felt this way. It turns out that very week the person that supples the lamb was giving bad quality meat and this is why he was fired. Ever since then Quick delight have a new source of lamb meat and is once again tender and soft and NOT chewy. In fact I’v tried the lamb recently and it was mouth-watering. I hope that all of you can give it a second chance and try once more I’m sure you will have a change of heart.”

“The lamb just gets better. Yumm-o! It was mouth watering and not chewy at all. And the chicken shawarma was amazing as well.”

“Everyone should hang on a sec, and chill out. We have lots of fans for the Chicken and the lamb seems to be improving, but c’mon why is there not a single fan for the falafal? Seriously… if there’s no fans I’ll be the number one fan, its the best, crunchy on the outside and soft, warm on the inside. Together it makes a irresistible delight. Everyone dont lose anymore time run to quick delight and buy yourself a falafal its cheap and worth every penny!”

Cmon Kwik Meal… you’re better than this!  Your lamb is the best in Midtown, and the Midtown Lunchers know this.  You don’t need to post fake comments on blogs.  We all love your food! 

For those who don’t know, Kwik Meal’s new “Quick Delights” cart is parked on 3rd Ave. and 45th Street and the food is exactly the same as the stuff on 6th Ave.  I know it’s been freezing out, but let’s start supporting this new cart so that they don’t have to keep resorting to the shilling…

First Look: Quick Delight’s New Chicken Shawarma


  • he is a really nice guy and takes his business more seriously than you usually see with cart people..

    hello sir, thank you sir, enjoy your meal sir….

  • What the god damn hell? He must be feeling really burned by his lamb supplier to resort to this. Oddly enough, it makes me want to pick up some Kwik Meal/Quick Delight next week. I’d bet on maximum deliciousness.

  • SMH at this. They don’t need people shilling. I buy lunch from the 6th Ave. cart at least twice a week and was over the moon to see a 3rd Ave. cart. My only complaint with 3rd Ave. is that the line moves kind of slow since it’s usually just Mohamed. I don’t eat lamb. Any recommendations on what else I should try?

  • Walked past the cart on Friday at about 1:30pm. Two guys working, looking around. No customers at all. Probably doing what it takes to drum up any business.

  • The guys at the Quick Delight cart on 45th were giving out sample tastes today (no line). I tried the falafel and the lamb, and then ordered the lamb over rice. The lamb was really quite good. I agree with the earlier comment – nice guys, clean cart. I don’t usually order street food, but these guys won me over with their effort and service. I give them a pass on the shilling – like the rest of us, they’re just trying to survive right now.

  • Had the lamb and rice today. I’m now a big fan of the green sauce. I also prefer the chunks of lamb over the gyro. Muhammad was there telling me about the “chewy lamb” problem and the supplier change and how business is down because of that. He said he might not be able to keep the cart in that location if business does not pick up. I’d like to see him survive because its pretty convenient for us East Siders. For what it’s worth, I thought the lamb was fine.

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