Been Caught Shilling: Et Tu Kwik Meal?

New Kwik Meal Cart Opens in Midtown East

It’s no surprise when sucky restaurants shill, after all- if you won’t say good things about your crappy establishment, than who will?  But it *is* surprising when beloved, popular places post fake comments… which is what seems to be the case with the Quick Delight cart (on 3rd Ave. and 45th), the brand new offshoot from the owners of the famous Kwik Meal cart on 45th & 6th. These three comments were posted last night from the same computer within minutes of each other (under different names):

“It’’s been about one month since the grand opening of the quick delight, and although the “famous” lamb pita has been degraded, I have tried the same very lamb better at the 6th ave cart and witnessed it’s glory and wondered why commentors felt this way. It turns out that very week the person that supples the lamb was giving bad quality meat and this is why he was fired. Ever since then Quick delight have a new source of lamb meat and is once again tender and soft and NOT chewy. In fact I’v tried the lamb recently and it was mouth-watering. I hope that all of you can give it a second chance and try once more I’m sure you will have a change of heart.”

“The lamb just gets better. Yumm-o! It was mouth watering and not chewy at all. And the chicken shawarma was amazing as well.”

“Everyone should hang on a sec, and chill out. We have lots of fans for the Chicken and the lamb seems to be improving, but c’mon why is there not a single fan for the falafal? Seriously… if there’s no fans I’ll be the number one fan, its the best, crunchy on the outside and soft, warm on the inside. Together it makes a irresistible delight. Everyone dont lose anymore time run to quick delight and buy yourself a falafal its cheap and worth every penny!”

Cmon Kwik Meal… you’re better than this!  Your lamb is the best in Midtown, and the Midtown Lunchers know this.  You don’t need to post fake comments on blogs.  We all love your food! 

For those who don’t know, Kwik Meal’s new “Quick Delights” cart is parked on 3rd Ave. and 45th Street and the food is exactly the same as the stuff on 6th Ave.  I know it’s been freezing out, but let’s start supporting this new cart so that they don’t have to keep resorting to the shilling…

First Look: Quick Delight’s New Chicken Shawarma


  • YUMM-O!!!!

  • Pathetic. Those posts were soft NOT chewy.

    And their falafel sucks.

  • Actually, I don’t know if it was ever mentioned, but I saw a Bobby Flay Throwdown episode a few weeks back about falafal.

    Bobby stopped at the Qwik Meal cart to find out how they makes their falafal.

    Just giving some props.

  • Zach, you need to post instructions on how to properly shill on this site. And make sure to have a prominent link to them at the top, by the main banner. Your readers shouldn’t have to suffer through lame attempts at inadequate shilling!

  • Boy, I don’t even know how to spell… Bobby Flay won the falafel throwdown after his lesson with the guy from Qwik Meal.

  • great, now I’m gonna have the Jane’s Addiction song “Been Caught Stealing” in my head the rest of the day. Thanks, Zach.

  • YUMM-O!!!

    -Ha, I can’t get over it. sorry

  • Desperate times call for desperate measures

  • oh so that’s what that cart is. I saw it the other day walking over to the Amish market, and there were no lines there. I think I’ll pay them a visit today.

  • Zach and rain74 — why are you rewarding the bathetic shillers?

  • Strange, I guess the economy is affecting them also. Tough times.

  • i think it was only me and one other commenter who “degraded” their lamb. this seems overly defensive to what was a mostly positive reaction from people here. i, however, will stand by my “this cart is overrated and the lamb is too chewy” opinion. oh, also it’s overpriced if you compare to other street meat in the area (which i do).

  • So a random fan of the cart gets in so good with them that they know KwiK meal fired the guy that “supples” the lamb.

  • Rachel Ray now shilling for street meat?

  • @ DDR – I actually think Kwik Meal’s falafel is really good, if you don’t mind the no veggies thing. It also helps that I like their greek style thick white sauce better than tahini also…

    @JoeR – Is there video of that? I would totally post that…

    @DDR’s 2nd comment – Because we love the Kwik Meal carts, that’s why. I’ll give them a pass this once…

  • hahahaha
    who wrote that? rachael ray?

  • LOL anther shill just came in!

    Comment from Jamie and Angelica
    Time: February 6, 2009, 12:44 pm

    Every Friday we go to Muhammed for some lamb or chicken pitas…. give the guy a break he just started over here and for those of you who said the lamb was bad give him another try because his supplier could have screwed up not him. I had it today and it was amazing. He is a nice guy with a clean cart and yes it might take time to cook but your getting it fresh. SO give the guy a break and another try…. it was and is delicious!!!! GO MUHAMMED!!!!

  • Zach – I can’t find a video online of the shot with Flay at the QM cart, but it was the episode right before the Dessert Truck Episode.

    However, I did find a clip that shows the competition making her falafel:

    and Flay’s recipe for his version based loosely on QM:

  • i had some quality food here a couple weeks ago. unfortunately, my digestive tract only returned to normal last week.

  • Here’s a clip. I guess he took on Taim downtown.

    It’s not long enough to get to show the cart though.

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