Blarney Stone Replaces Fries With Giant Potato Wedges


Last week we passed along Peter Cherches’ recommendation of the brisket sandwich at the Blarney Stone (on 3rd Ave. btw. 44+45th) and commenter Larry informed us of this news: “What’s the deal with their new fries, if we can even call them fries? They’ve recently moved onto these huge wedges, which are like 1/4 potato each and in my opinion, a real step down from their previous thick cut fries.”  Larry was kind enough to send along this photo, and remarked that according to the guy who takes the orders, the customers have spoken and “love them.”  Larry’s not convinced. 

The photo may make it hard to put things in perspective, but if you know how huge the burger is at the Blarney Stone you can see these new fries are enormous.  And, to be honest- while I don’t normally like thick cut fries (I’m a shoestring man myself; Five Guys fries are about as thick as I like ‘em) these actually look kind of good. Has anybody else tried the new fries?

The Blarney Stone Burger
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  • I had my first Blarney experience a month and a half or two ago… I can confirm that these fries have been around since my first try if not before. I can also say that various co-workers and I have frequented Blarney’s and have had the fries, and every time it seems that one of us gets a soggy, bland batch of fries and someone else will get a perfectly salted, crispy but not too crispy batch of wedges. Right now I’ll say they are good when they are done well, but really the fries have been inconsistent ranging from mushy and greasy, to crispy and salty… oh and I’m yet to get a burger on a sesame seed bun… its always been a frigging roll…

  • Yo quiero the new wedges. Agree that they are not great when not fresh. I usually take a look at the fryer while I’m ordering. If the wedges are just coming out, I’ll get them. If they look like they’ve been sitting in the bin, I’ll order the onion rings.

  • Those look awful! I hate potato wedges that are that big, you can tell they look soggy.

  • Mamacita has finally found something she prefers smaller rather than bigger

    There’s hope for Rudy

  • Wayne, you’re refering to my snake hips and not Rudy junior and the love Orb’s i hope.

  • It really is hit or miss with those things. If you’re there at peak lunch hours you’ll sometimes get them somewhat undercooked because they need to keep ‘em moving and biting into the equivalent of a burning hot semi-raw potato… not so good. Then there are the times where they’re overdone super-crunchy. I’ll admit, the ones I captured here were on a good day as they do look pretty golden & delicious (but not to Mamacita – in fact, they weren’t soggy). Still too much potato for my liking, though.

  • Cheeseburger with Monterrey Jack is a must at least twice a month. The “fries” are pretty good. I actually prefer them to normal fries, however, they are more on the potato side then fries side.

  • I hate fries that taste like potato. I want the highest ratio of outerfried crunchy goodness to inside potato as possible. The best is when the inside is hollow, thats good eats.

  • Hollow inside with the crisp, puffy outer shell? Look no further than Roll n Roaster. Shame the one on 11th & 3rd. closed down, but we still got the one in Sheepshead Bay.

  • that looks awesome. i want to put them in my burger.

  • I HATE potato Wedges…they’re the bastard love child of a roast potato and a baked spud.

    Give me thrice beef/duck fat fried CHIPS anyday.

  • Cherches

  • Yeah too much potato to crunchy outside ratio. What this I hear about love orbs?

  • those look really good… the salt is so visible!

  • Those fries look crappy. They look like “oven fries” a certain perky cooking show host would make. I prefer long, thin and crispy, so I guess I’m with ESNY on this – more crunch, less guts is the way to go.

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