Has Oms/b Always Served Udon?


I walked by Oms/b (on 45th btw. Lex+3rd), the small Japanese rice ball specialist, the other day and noticed this sign. I have partaken in their delicious omusubi on many occasions, but never noticed that they had Udon (oden, yes, but not Udon). I’m guessing this isn’t new (because it’s on their printed menus), and I really like how you can get a special combo with Udon and 2 rice balls. Has anybody tried it?

Their sushi, on the other hand is definitely new (or, at least, no more than a few months old), and I’m sure it’s perfectly fine… but why would you opt for sushi, when you can have oh-so-delicious rice balls!


  • could be an attempt at diversifying to improve business?

    it seems they’re charging for condiments (soy sauce packets) now too – 10 cents each. the lady in front of me on line seemed to be pretty peeved by this revelation, and loudly proclaimed that ‘this would be her last time eating there’.

    i love this place- just wish i worked closer! and the new fees don’t bother me… i don’t put soy sauce on my balls anyway (they’re perfectly seasoned just as they are!).


    uhm, no? *TWITCH*


    (still happy to bite your nuts off, whether perfectly seasoned or not)

  • ewwwww, sushi that’s a few months old is not “perfectly fine”! No way!!!


  • Awesome! I can’t wait to try their new options. :)

  • I had the oms/b udon once last year and it was pretty plain, they had only one variety, and (as is usual with oms/b) it seemed to me to be ever so slightly overpriced. but it looks like they’ve expanded their options now, and maybe made a little more effort with the flavor.

    i happen to agree with the lady, that charging for soy sauce is wrong in principle. though i prefer the ambiance of obs/b, if i wanted to spend too much on gimmicky asian food i’d probably go to kushi across third avenue.

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