At Lunch Now: Yushi is Still Trying

I have to commend them for their continued innovations, because
everytime I step into Yushi (on 47th btw Park+Lex) they’ve added
something that catches my eye. Last time it was the Peking duck roll-
this time it was a Thai chicken hand roll, with peanut sauce marinated
chicken wrapped with mango, lettuce, and a Thai chili sauce (which was
tasty, but could have been a tad bit spicier for my taste). At $3 it’s
not outrageously expensive, and washed down with some fresh squeezed
watermelon juice it’s almost like being in Thailand. Actually it’s
nothing like being in Thailand, but as a little after lunch snack, it
wasn’t terrible.


  • I had a spicy miso soup with a ton of crunchy fresh vegetables in it for $3.95 a few weeks back and it was superb. Zach, you could probably wash it down with a cheap cart cheesesteak and still clear $10

  • Where was this miso soup??

  • I had the Vegtable Dumpling Udon soup.. soo good and fresh delicious homemade dumplings, great broth.. I had a dream about this soup after I had it .. so good.

  • oh god! watermelon juice! They serve that at Rikshaw–and while it looks deceivingly refreshing, i have actually vommitted from the taste and consistency in the restaurant, which I will never enter again!

  • That roll looks great and Yushi’s dipping sauces are awesome. But my thing with Yushi is the rice on the pre-made rolls is packed way too densely. It’s a cold, mealy block of rice with every bite. At Yushi’s prices, they shouldn’t be packing the rice on like they do at those generic deli sushi counters found all around midtown. Granted, I haven’t been back in a couple months. Maybe they’ve improved their rice situation. I’ll have to head back there.

  • Big fan of Yushi… just hoping they try sub-ing in some brown rice.

  • M – Firecracker Miso – on the ‘hot’ shelf towards the back. It was damn good.

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