Free Cupcake Update: No Early Line at Crumbs This Morning


I dreaded dragging my ass out of bed early enough to make it to Crumbs (on Madison btw. 52+53rd) at 8 a.m. this morning for their free cupcake giveaway (I don’t even like cupcakes that much)… but luckily Dessert Buzz did it for me!  “As of 8:45 a.m… there is no line.”  Maybe these 1000 cupcakes will last a little longer than we thought…


  • The Crumbs on 42nd street is not participating. :(

  • I’ve been hearing marvels about these cup cakes, are they really that good? How do they compare to Magnolia’s (I find the frosting a bit too overpowering, sweet) or buttercup (sometimes the cake a little dry).

  • Update as of 9.30 still no line. Walk in – pick your cupcake (any of the fancy ones, i expected it to just be plain), Walk out, Yay!

  • just got back. short line, any cupcake you want! I got a reeses one. what a breakfast!

  • I saw this at 10:00am randomly and walked across the street and got a free cupcake, It didnt seem like they planned on ending any time soon.

    I don’t really like cupcakes but the croissants are AWESOME!

  • I like the cupcakes here more than Magnolia. They have a wide selection and the locations are pretty convenient to me (esp since they have a downtown one!). My bf loves the Artie Lange, and I like a couple of their varieties (it always changes, I walk in and just randomly pick one)… My favorite is still Sugar Sweet Sunshine but I don’t always get to that area so Crumbs is good enough. And ginormous.

  • Oh, that comment was for Jen, who asked about the cupcakes, whoops

  • They are up in the 900′s as of 12:30 PM. Free cupcakes will soon be gone!!!

  • yeah i was in there around 12:45 and they had upped it to 1500 since the crowd was so big! line stayed indoors though, and i got my cupcake in less than 5 minutes.


  • To Clay: You don’t like cupcakes??? Someone report this to Blondie asap!

  • psst, i went back at 1:45 and got another one. They resorted to placing red velvets in bags and handing those out. yes, that’s right, i broke the rules. i’m a rebel!!!

  • blondie has guilted me into ‘fessing up that i did the same thing; might have even been there at the same time.

  • Thanks Yvo! I actually found out there’s a new one on Lex and 93rd, which is VERY close to me, so I ended going there. They had buy one get one free and pretty good line around the store. This was my first time at Crumbs and I got 6 assorted to take over to my sister’s, they were awesome! Eat your heart Magnolia! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to plain cup cakes when I can have these.

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