Possible Free Cupcake Alert: Is This Deja Vu?

Grub Street is reporting that Crumbs will finally be doing their 1000 cupcake giveaway this Friday at three different stores in Manhattan- including the new Midtown location on Madison and 52nd. Only one catch: none of the stores have been told yet. A call to the Madison location (in particular) got this response: “Uh… I don’t think so.  It may be on the 6th but we haven’t received confirmation from our corporate offices yet.”  Wow.  I think Crumbs is on track to win the most disorganized company in all of Midtown award.

As you know, the last “Free 1000 Cupcake” thing ended up turning into a “free samples at random times” thing. Hopefully corporate will let the stores know in time for us to enjoy free cupcakes on Friday morning!


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