Vote For the Scariest Midtown Lunch of the Year

Scariest Midtown Lunch

Seeing as it’s Halloween, it’s time for the obligatory “Scariest Midtown Lunch post”.  Last year I asked for Chili dog recommendations (I still haven’t had one in Midtown yet) but this year I think I’ll open it up to you guys.  To some, every meal I eat in Midtown is scary- but there have been a few this year that stand out above the rest.  I have to say up front, I enjoyed every single one of these lunches… but even I admit that putting them one after another like this is kind of frightening. 

Here are the nominees for scariest lunch of 2008…

But wait there’s more…  

Did I miss any?  Feel free to nominate your own or vote in the comments…


  • Ceviche is “cooked,” not actually cooked.

  • Street meat competition…1 plate will make you hurt… 10+ is taking 10 years off yoru life. Happy Halloween!

  • ew and tripe…. = X

  • Sarah, yes it is really more like pickling. In any event, it is a preservative technique that prevents it from going bad as quickly.

  • What about the trip to the UWS shake shack??? THAT seemed scary!

  • is that food from Biriyani cart? if it’s i m voting for them

  • @ mangostrawberry: you’re not the only fan of the ghetto surf & turf (white castle cheeseburger + clam strips all under the same bun)

  • wow all are scary, but those photo’s of Tad’s make me think 70′s horror flick so yeah, Tad’s.

  • Hey MM. Let’s grab a crave case, some clam strips, booze and have an Election Day party. Boxed Wine or forties of Ol’E??

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