Vote For the Scariest Midtown Lunch of the Year

Scariest Midtown Lunch

Seeing as it’s Halloween, it’s time for the obligatory “Scariest Midtown Lunch post”.  Last year I asked for Chili dog recommendations (I still haven’t had one in Midtown yet) but this year I think I’ll open it up to you guys.  To some, every meal I eat in Midtown is scary- but there have been a few this year that stand out above the rest.  I have to say up front, I enjoyed every single one of these lunches… but even I admit that putting them one after another like this is kind of frightening. 

Here are the nominees for scariest lunch of 2008…

But wait there’s more…  

Did I miss any?  Feel free to nominate your own or vote in the comments…


  • Tripe.

    Something about that will always gross me out.

    But in a scary for your health way, i’d say the free sushi sample.

  • I’m voting for the seafood cerviche off the street vendor. You have a stomach of steel, Zach.

  • My pick: Sushi left out in the sun – you didn’t eat any of that, right?

  • Street sushi, left unattended in the baking summer sun, served by a rat-ass pizza vendor is about as nasty as it gets. Not even Zimmern would go near that shit. Gnar.

  • I think ceviche takes the cake for me. You crazy, mang!

  • Seafood ceviche off the street from the random Ecuadorian lady on 46th

  • I vote for the sushi.

  • I’ve had the Equadorian lady’s ceviche and seafood soup, both pretty good. The sushi is just too far.

  • Ceviche, no question.

  • You are all forgetting that ceviche is cooked in lemon and/or lime. Sushi is completely uncooked.

  • I have to go with Tad’s. Like any good house of Horrors, Tad’s Steaks sets your adrenaline on overdrive at the mere thought. To venture inside, to witness the sceevie-ness, to remember the horrible anecdotes, and still sit down for lunch without having fear-induced palpatations – it was an act of bizarre courage. Zach, you have been to hell and back.

    Even though it seemed curiously palatable…

  • Sidewalk sushi, definitely. I’m surprised you’re still alive, Zach.

  • Nads eerrr.. I mean Tads

  • street sushi hands down

  • Tad’s , just for the wine pre-poured and covered with clingfilm.

    And the genius Private Ryan line a handsom chap posted.

  • Chopped salad scares me.

    But wait…here’s something scarier… I actuallly like the fried clam strips at White Castle…..Mwahahahahaaaa!

  • A trukey sandwich at Europa. Nothing is scarier than wasting your life with mediocre crap food.

  • A turkey sandwich at Europa. Nothing is scarier than wasting your life with crap food.

  • i agree with rudy mcbagel. tad’s and the indelible image of wine glasses covered with saran wrap will be with me to the day i die

  • sushi for the win

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