Monday Free Food Alert: Dessert Truck

Last week, Grub Street called it selling out, but as far as Midtown Lunch is concerned, free food is free food.  Today, the Dessert Truck will be at two new locations handing out small samples of desserts they’ve crafted using a specific brand of pomegranate liquor. The truck will be at 40th St btw. 6th+B’way from 4:05 to 4:25pm, and then at 36th St btw. 8+9th from 4:40 to 5pm. Normal Park Ave. operations have been suspended for the day. The freebies are actually part of a private thing for media companies in the area- but we got permission to make the two Midtown stops open to the public! Enjoy, freeloaders… (and get there early if you can, because supplies are limited.)


  • my dessert-loving coworker brought some of these Dessert Truck pomegranate liqueur freebies back to the office last week when they were giving them out in midtown (it was invite-only at the time) — TINY! not that i’m complaining, free is free. but my coworker was disappointed by the silver-dollar-sized meringue sandwich with pomegranate liqueur and wee chocolate chew pop. just be aware of what you may have to stand in line for.

  • Commenting has been sloooooooow this past couple weeks. Even free food isn’t thrilling anyone. Sooooo, anyone hiring nowadays?

  • Mama; 95k PA, Audi TT,London transfer payment.

  • Is that 95k in pounds? Not bad!

  • Is Rudy Big Papa? Not that I watched Real Housewives of Atlanta this weekend.

    Comment pertaining to actual post: Is the Dessert Truck planning on selling to the Midtown public ever again? The last four times I’ve walked down Park, they haven’t been there.

  • Rudy is more like Keyser Soze

  • Who is Keyser Soze

  • He’s a Gay vegetarian hitman, works for rachel ray.

  • @ben – Kevin Spacey’s character in the Usual Suspect.

    love the part at the end when he’s walking and slowly gets rid of his gimpish limp

  • I’m going to shake shack for dinner tonight. and no, no one is hiring. My 2 year long job search has slowed to a trickle…

  • wow, ben, wow. please tell me you are being facetious.

  • I think Ben was quoting the movie, sheesh, give him some credit!
    Question: can anyone tell us the brand of pomegranate liqueur? I had a pom liquor at the Grand Tasting and really liked it, is why I ask…

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