Ivanka Trump Handing Out Free Lunch Today

I hate supporting crap like this, but as a service to all of you dudes who I know will be into it- I feel obligated.  (And you know who you are.) According to this press release, Ivanka Trump will be outside of the Grace Building in Midtown today (on 42nd Street & 6th Ave) handing out free <product whose name is not worth mentioning because it goes against everything this site stands for>.  Unfortunately, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the press release, because I found it randomly… in other words, stalk at your own risk.


  • From the photo posted I would guess the free food must be breast milk or anchovy paste – no?

  • Why do I have a sudden urge to eat lunch at my desk?

  • Anchovy paste? Not necessary dude.

  • there’s a pretty thorough writeup of this… um… event on epicurious: http://www.epicurious.com/articlesguides/blogs/editor/2008/10/brown-bagging-w.html

  • There are signs all over the Grace Building promoting thist hing.

  • what is she doing to the desk? that looks painful and decidedly unfun.

  • @ben: Sorry for the fishy suggestion. Perhaps tossed salad is more your style?

  • i got my free sample but i didn’t see ivanka.

  • No Ivanka. All I got was half a cup of rice with some sauce… a model would feel hungry after eatting it

  • Why do i have a sudden urge to retire to my office bathroom for a few minutes?

  • G&T: It was a sample, not a free meal. OTOH, there are still 99-cent burgers at City Burger until 3pm today.

  • yeah, ivanka had already cleared out by 12:15 – 12:30 when i was there. these healthy choice fresh mixers (choice of sweet & sour chicken or rotini & zesty marinara sauce) don’t look too healthy for the environment, what with the elaborate packaging and all.

  • let me not mince my words.

    the sweet and sour chicken tastes like shit.

    there’s no way in hell Ivanka would eat this.

    it’s just nasty. i don’t know how else to put it. you can go on a diet and eat better than this. there might be people out there that like this and healthy choice might make better food somewhere else. But this is a no-go.

  • p.s. ~ I took two bites and threw out the rest.

  • Moze, I’m talking about the actual packages they were giving away… the sample cups had about the same portions

  • Shame we couldn’t sample the C cups in the photo

    Or are they just well-packaged B’s?

  • Cut two slits in her bra and place in microwave for 2 1/2 minutes at full power. Stir with a fleshy spatula and let her sit for 1 minute. Remove bra and serve. Soon to be Kosher approved. This box lunch iis meant to be reheated as many times as you wish.

  • Eating Ivanka = silicone diet

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