Wafels & Dinges Forced Out By Movie; Imposter Waffle Truck Giving Out Free Samples


This just into the Midtown Lunch Inbox: The “imposter waffle truck” is parked on “Lexington between 58th and 59th” right now “handing out bite sized free samples.”  This is the truck that will eventually be serving pomme frites (they don’t have them today) and different from the Wafels and Dinges Truck, which was planning on parking at 51st & Park today, but was forced to move to 23rd St. & 5th Ave. because there is a movie being filmed on Park Ave.  The Dessert Truck lucked out and got their normal space near Park & 52nd St.  The Treats Truck is closed this week, so conecakes fans are SOL.

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