Rickshaw Dumpling Cart Weeks Away; Owner Gets Training From Treats Truck

Treats Truck Gets Helpers 

Passed by the Treats Truck yesterday (on 45th btw. 6+7th) and owner Kim had two helpers, so the line was moving much quicker than normal.  One helper took orders, one packaged the orders up, and Kim took the money. Very nice.  Unfortunately it’s not a permanent thing, because one of the helpers was Kenny Lao, founder and co-owner of the Rickshaw Dumpling Bar, who told me that their planned cart should be ready to go in just a few weeks. Kenny has been shadowing Kim to learn more about what it takes to run a food truck in New York City.  He’s hoping to have a “soft” opening with his cart (i.e. not publicized, so he can ease into things) but I told him Midtown Lunch’ers wouldn’t let that happen. Keep your eye out for the new dumpling cart starting in September.


  • If the girl helping to package up the orders is the same one as a week ago, she is HOT! All the more reason to go on a Treats trip.

  • that is SO funny — i thought that looked like the guy from Rickshaw Dumpling, but thought there was no way he was now working in the Treats Truck…it’s all making sense to me now! I hope his dumpling truck parks on 45th street too! thanks for the info!

  • Ok Bossman you can give up looking for that imaginary Indian food lady. Next mission: Dumpling cart!

    Get on it boy!! mama needs sum dumplings pronto!

  • This is the type of news that makes me smile in the morning. I guess No more sneak outs on the D train down to dumpling house..

  • No wonder he looked familiar. I’ve seen his picture a number of times since he won our bschool business plan competition

  • zach, double check your URL/link for “their planned cart”…

    and i dunno, Rickshaw Dumplings has a tremendous markup but I guess people are willing to pay for it.

  • Thanks Danny! Fixed it…

  • i ordered a treats truck gift box for an office celebration. big hit. my current favorite? oatmeal jammy.

  • Where on 23rd is the current rickshaw dumpling cart?

  • nevermind… it’s a shop, not a cart, and I found it! Right in my hood….

  • Two nice looking girls on that line… wait… here it comes… ” LOL”

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