At Lunch Now: I’m A Tad Bit Nervous…

So, I’m about to enter the cauldron of doom. My stomach has been tested and pushed to the limits time and time again… but nothing holds a candle to Tad’s Steaks, the bastard child of Midtown Lunch’ing. The only place that makes you think “some things just shouldn’t be that cheap.” But the challenge was issued, so I must oblige.

If I don’t make it, you’ll know I went out doing what I love best: eating disgusting food in Midtown Manhattan.


  • Good Luck.

  • Can I have your stapler if you don’t come back?

  • Zach you said you were going to be a father! Don’t risk everything for Midtown Lunch even for that ultimate challenge “Tad’s Steaks”. Think of your unborn child. You have responsibilities now. PLEASE!

  • I’ve enjoyed reading this blog for the past 2+ years. It’s a shame it’s all coming to an end.
    Thanks for all the suggestions, Zach. Rest in peace.

  • I don’t even think the guy from Bizarre Foods would go there.

  • Live blog, please!

  • ** Note to Mrs. MidtownLunch: if Zach doesn’t make it, can you please post his dirty meat porn?

    I mean the steak pics.

  • Godspeed, Zach. Godspeed.

  • Treating Sarah Hellerman to lunch eh?

  • I’m thinking good thoughts for you, brother. Good luck!

  • hee hee, good one rudy.

    Where’s bossman and wayne? They haven’t come out to mark the occasion of Zach’s last post??

    R.I.P fat man :-(

  • my stomach hurts just reading this

  • Gray meat is still meat.. Good luck my friend. You cant even call it off and go to Popeye’s instead. It’s no longer across the street..

  • bossman’s on vacay because he’s the boss man. i think we should have zach’s memorial at the strip club buffet!

  • steaks is high

  • Did someone say dirty meal porn? And strip club buffet? What’s going on here?!

  • @Nancy – Sorry Mom, I didn’t mean to worry you.

  • having eaten “beef” kabobs from a roadside stand in northwest vietnam — someone told me later that vietnam bought all of the slaughtered GB mad cow beef shortly before my arrival — i think all of your RIP comments concerning lunch at Tad’s are a Tad overblown.

  • “stan:i think all of your RIP comments concerning lunch at Tad’s are a Tad overblown.”

    It’s a little know thing called humor stan.

  • Thank god he’s alive.

    Rumour has it Gaysuperman would of staged a coup of the site if the Zachster had popped his chubby clogs.

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